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    Default NYC region --> Jackson Hole, Wyoming

    I was having coffee with a friend when he got on the topic of him going to Wyoming this summer by plane, and we both decided driving would be great. I'm an avid fly fisherman and I love making nature videos. Were both only 20, but I have access to a car. We want to drive it and spend the bare minimum, aside from sites. It seems il be on one road for like 1900 miles from the looks of it. Were planning on camping once we get to Wyoming, and switching driving off. If necessary stay at a rinky dink motel for a night or two.

    Any suggestions on sites to see?
    Best Route?
    Feasibility of idea?

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    Default I-90 or US20

    These are the most direct routes -- just take the most direct route to Chicago and then continue on your choice of the above!

    Spend some time around the Paha Sapa -- or the Black Hills if you are a wasichu! They are an island of pine and granite surrounded by the Great Plains. See Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse! If you go during the Moon of Black Cherries (I'm just showing off, now!), you can hit Sturgis during the motorcycle rally. Ever see 20 million bikers all in one place (he exaggerates)? It's worth the ticket just for the people watching alone!

    Do not miss the Badlands. It was filmed as background and setting for Dances with Wolves (among other Great Plains locations), if you saw that. Also, I recommend you visit the memorial at Wounded Knee, where soldiers massacred Indian women, children and sick old men when a tense situation spiraled out of control. Not our finest hour as a nation. The 7th Cavalry was involved, and they were still testy about that "Little Bighorn incident" back in 1876. Wounded Knee was in about 1890, so it was a long-held grudge, I guess.

    Other things along the way are the Corn Palace and Wall Drug (Mitchell and Wall, South Dakota, respectively). Touristy, but fun anyway. Have a Buffalo Burger at the restaurant along I-90 just west of Chamberlain, SD -- it's called "Al's Oasis."

    There's lots of places of note in Wyoming as well -- pick and choose as you go (Devil's Tower, maybe?) -- and if you're going to Jackson anyway, be sure to see Yellowstone. It's a current topic on this forum right now, so there'll be lots of information posted soon, (we hope). Bob

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    Mara Penrose Guest

    Default did this trip too

    I went from ohio to jackson hole a few years ago. i was in a little bit of a hurry but made sure to stop in chicago (check out the botanical gardens, they are beautiful), the badlands, and wall drug and yellowstone. you can drive in the east side of the park and out the south side to get to jaskson. also try to get up really early in the morning in south dakota if the weather's clear--i saw the northern lights and they seem to treat that like it's perfectly normal. have a great trip.

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