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  1. Default North-east in sep., to cold?

    We are a couple, planing a two week road trip that starts and ends at NYC, starting at about mid September. We thought about doing two weeks in the north-east (upstate NY, Cape Cod, Boston, Maine, and such), and I have already seen some good suggestions on the the site. since we want to do it as cheap as possible, we wanted to camp some of the nights. Is it to cold to travel to the NE in September? is it recommended? is it too cold to camp?

    any other suggestion for going NE are more then welcome :)

    thanks in advance

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    Default It depends

    Weather is a fickle thing, and nobody can predict its future behavior. In the southern New England states (MA, CT, RI), the weather in September will be refreshing - cooler nights, possibly reaching into the 40s - with still-warm days. In the northern states (NH, VT, ME) it can be colder at night with temps in the upper 30s and on some occasions colder.

    Even in the summer, a little distance can make a big difference. I work near the Connecticut River and generally the temperatures there are 5-10 degrees warmer than at my house.

    A good warm sleeping bag is a good investment.

    On your trip, what types of things do you hope to see?

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    Tim, would it be safe to say that 3 season gear would be adequate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by glc View Post
    Tim, would it be safe to say that 3 season gear would be adequate?
    That would be a safe bet, and generally easier to find.

    As another note, campgrounds that are still open in New England at this time of year tend not to have to many visitors, so there shouldn't be an issue getting a prime site.

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    thanks for the reply.
    What kind of things do we hope to see?

    I don't know, thats kind of hard to answer. we are not looking to hang around big cities too much ( we have 2 whole weeks in NYC before the road trip.) We would like to ride in more scenic road, and see some of the country side. we hope to go on some hiking trails and national parks. and we are open to hear any suggestions of interesting things to see along the way.

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    We live in Upstate NY and have done several week long vacations in Maine and Cape Cod in the Fall. It's a gorgeous time to be here! Lots of weekend events in all states. I hit the states' tourism websites for events almost every weekend we're home. It can be a bit nippy at night and I don't go out for the day without a couple of layers in the car - unless we get hit with Indian Summer! Most towns get quiet after Labor Day and almost silent after Columbus Day except for the hunters until the snow flies. But, there is some life and plenty to do - including sitting in a sunny park on a lake with a good book! Cell phone service can be sporadic in what we call the mountains; be prepared.

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    Thanks for the reply. Are there any places specifically recommended to see? Any tourism websites you recommend for finding the best events?

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