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    Hi all,

    Along with a few friends I am hoping to travel to the states (from London) towards the end of May 2010 and go on a bit road trip.

    The current idea is to spend about 16-18 days (including flights) travelling between Washington DC, Atlantic City, Boston, Toronto and Chicago, spending about 2-3 days in each location and visiting places in between. We are hoping to fly into one location, hire a car and then fly out of another location.

    I have left New York out as I'm under the impression that it's the kind of place you'd visit as a separate city break.

    Firstly does this sound like a reasonable trip? Where I have little knowledge of this side of the states I'm listing areas that I think would be fun with lots to do and see simply on name and reputation.

    We will all be 25-26 and will obviously be looking to have a fair few nights out on the town as well, but also want to try and see as much as possible whilst we're out there.

    Any suggestions/recommendations would be gratefully received.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Personally, If you're going to do a trip through the Northeast, especially one that focuses on cities, then I would make sure NY is part of your plan. You won't be able to see everything of course, (which is also true of every other city on your list), but you can always come back at some point and try to do more. It would just seem silly to go through NY and not stop.

    I also might hold off on renting a car, at least until you get out of the NE corridor. Parking and Traffic can be real issues in DC-NY-Bost, but they all have decent mass-transit options both in the cities, and between them. I'd plan to take the train between those cities. Then if you want to rent a car and head west to Toronto and Chicago, that might make more sense and would quite likely be a lot cheaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by durhamj2 View Post
    I have left New York out as I'm under the impression that it's the kind of place you'd visit as a separate city break.
    While there's certainly enough to keep you occupied for a long period of time in New York City, skipping over it on this trip would be a mistake. While you're in the neighborhood, make it a point to take a trip into that fine city. If you're looking for a night on the town, I couldn't think of a better place in the Northeast to make that happen.

    It will also help put some perspective on the differences between each of the areas on your trip.

    What other types of things do you hope to see on your trip?

  4. Default Thanks for the advice...

    Thanks for the relpies!!

    I didn't even think about the trains, that would definately be an option and could add to the fun of the trip.

    I take on the point about New York, it would be silly to miss it so I will definately consider including it in the route.

    The kind of things we are hoing to do and see...

    Obviously have enough time in each city to do the usual touristy things - see the sights, experience the culture etc. We'd also like to have at least one night out at each stop too, enjoy the nightlife and try and find the best bars/clubs.

    I was also hoping to visit a few places on our travels which we either stumble upon or get recommended. I would love to see Niagara Falls if we do go towards Toronto, but hopefully they'll be a few more 'low key' attractions to see that you wouldn't necessarily be commom knowledge (for someone from England).

    If we were to stick to the original route mentioned (including New York), Is there other places along the way you'd recommend visiting. Also is there any 'must do' attractions in the mentioned cities that we'd be stupid to miss?


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    As a director at a summer camp that employs british counselors I have helped plan their vacations after camp. Your best plan of attack would be to fly into Toronto and go there first. (mainly because the other places you can travel cheaply by bus/train). Then I would take a flight into D.C. to get to next, mainly because its the most out of the way. I would completely skip Chicago - although nice, many have felt they would have rather spent another day or two in the city (aka NYC). I would spend the majority of the time in NYC. Boston and Atlantic City are nice, however I would not spend anymore than a day or two.

    Regarding D.C. and NYC I would definately spend a majority of the time there. D.C. has loads of free museums and the nightlife is very appealling to your age demographic. As for N.Y. tours can't be better. Book them in advance to save some money but only if your plans are concrete.

    Regarding how much you will probably spend, as your pound is not the best as it has been in recent years I would recommend without regarding the flights to spend a minimum of $150 a day including hotel for each individual (approx. 100 pounds). That will give you a decent hotel in all the cities as well as a touristy things and good food. Some nightclubs in D.C. and NYC drinks go for 7-8 pounds depending on the areas so be prepared to pre-game.

    Have fun.

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