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    This is my first first big road trip. I have no big goals but here is what I was thinking:

    We have 10 days. Flying into Philadelphia and getting a rental car. Go through NYC to Boston. I'd love to see Nantucket and Provincetown while I'm that close. Go up 95 to Maine (or another route if some suggests one). Then go over the border to Quebec. Go down 40 by the river to Niagara Falls. Then back to Phily to fly out. I don't know of any stops along the way so we'll just be looking as we go. Please suggest anything. I'm looking forward to this trip. Oh yeah, If you know of any off the beaten path hotels or B & B's I'd love to know about them too. Thanks in advance.

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    Just be aware that you will have to take a ferry from Hyannis to get to Nantucket, and you are officially discouraged from taking the car with you. Reservations are required for vehicles and recommended for passengers. Flights are another option. I bring this up because this may impact on your schedule, it isn't a place that you can just "drive through" and see.

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