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    Default Exploring North East America

    Hi, I am new to "Forums" so hope I make sense. My husband and I (in our 50's) are coming over from Australia early May, we are flying in to Boston and flying out of New York 26 days later.
    We have only ever been to the West coast so it is all new to us. We know we want to see a lot of things in New York so have already booked the last week there.
    I really want some advise on the first 19 days.
    My idea has been 3 days in Boston (is this enough time?) then hire a car and then I have 2 ideas but not sure which is best.
    First idea is to head up to Niagara Falls taking about 3-4 days, I want to travel on smaller scenic roads and hopefully pass through and stay at some quintessential New England towns, I don't mind if we don't go alot further north than Boston as I think we will run out of time. I was hoping to pass through Canterbury Shaker village if this is worthwhile? Happy to see some of the coast before heading inland, I believe it is really stunning.
    A day or two in Niagara Falls then head down to Washington DC what route would be best and how long should I allow? We want about 3 days in Washington DC, is this long enough to get a good feel of the place and see most places of interest?
    Unsure what to do then before driving to NY, is Philadelphia worth a visit? Any suggestions of what we should include or not bother with.
    My second thought was forget Niagara Falls if there is enough to see without heading so West, maybe we would be better just seeing more of New England, Mid Atlantic area, Amish Country etc feeling very torn!
    Basically we love interesting little towns, scenic drives and just getting a feel for the people of the country we are visiting.
    We must include Boston, NY City and Washington DC. We are not camping, plan to stay in hotels and B and B's.
    I look forward to any suggestions. Thankyou in anticipation.

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    Default More Time Than You Think

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    As I add up the days you've got for your trip and how you plan on spending them so far, I find 19 accounted for leaving you an additional week to spread around. The area you're going to be visiting is one of my favorite parts of the world, apart from the cities. There is no shortage of things to do in Boston, Washington, Philadelphia and New York, and I've certainly enjoyed my times there, but I enjoy the countryside better. So, my recommendations would be to spend your additional time in 1) New England, on the drives to Niagara and Washington. Also, I'd suggest making the drive from DC to New York by way of Annapolis and the Eastern Shore of Maryland especially the small towns like Oxford, Easton, Federalsburg and Chestertown.


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    Thanks AZBuck, shall check out your suggestions, really appreciate your help. What would be best route fom Boston to Niagara? Finding it all a bit overwhelming (maybe I'm doing too much reading) so many great places to see, I thought Australia was big!

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    Default Best???

    There really is no single 'best' route between Boston and Niagara, just a number of wonderful choices. The most direct scenic route would entail using the Mohawk Trail through Massachusetts and US-20, basically along the Erie Canal in New York. But you have time for a considerably more leisurely and involved route than that. For example, you could head up through New Hampshire and Vermont to Burlington, take the ferry over to Plattsburgh, follow NY-3 through the Adirondacks, sample the Thousand Island area and follow the Lake Ontario shoreline to Niagara. Or you could first head south from Boston, come through Newport, RI and Mystic, CT before cutting northwest on back roads to around Kingston, NY, then through the Catskills and finish up by traveling through the Finger Lakes. The possibilities are nearly endless and you have the time to do what you want. Don't feel overwhelmed. the entire region you're going to be visiting is roughly the size of New South Wales. Hopefully, that puts your planning in a bit of perspective.


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    If you do decide to check out more of the New England states I would recommend going on Route 7 in Vermont and then across the state to Montepelier to see some great mountain country. Follow I-89 into New Hampshire towards Route 112 for the Kancamagus highway. I did this last summer and it was unbelievable. Along I-89 on the way to Route 112 there are great views of the mountains and plenty of scenic trails along the way.

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    Thanks alot, I will check out your sggestions, sounds great and the type of advise I need. i have bought a good map so it all makes sense. Any places particularly good to stay overnight?

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    Default A few thoughts

    It is often so hard to say how many days are 'enough', to see the main sights, and some out of the way lesser known gems at any given destination. Having a son living in Boston (Newton) I have spent a some 150 days there, over the last 9 years, and am constantly surprised when I see yet a major attraction I had not seen before, or stumble upon another local gem.

    On the other hand, I would be inclined to spend a little more time in DC. With all the Smithsonian Institure locations one can be occupied for weeks... really! Both NYC and DC are easy to get around in on public transport. You really don't want to be using a car there.

    May I suggest that on your way from Niagara to DC you spend some of your time checking out the many wonders of Pennsylvania. There are so many attractions off the major roads in that State. This is just one of the magnificent viaducts; another is the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. There are also many quaint little villages and towns, especially in the mountains. You might like to check out Jim Thorpe, PA.

    Lifey in Melbourne

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