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  1. Default Driving from Las Vegas to Tucson

    We are visiting the West coast and after out time in Las Vegas - we are keen to drive via the Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon and Monument Valley to Tucson - thinking that this may involve two over night stays - looking for help or advice on whether this is a good idea and if so any tips or suggestions. Thank you.

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    To enjoy the trip I think you are right in thinking 3 day's and 2 night's, and Yes it's a good idea. [Any excuse for a Roadtrip! ]

    You can travel from Vegas to GC South rim via the Hoover dam and spend your first night at he canyon and witness a sunset. Next day a look around the GC and drive out via Desert view drive to the East entrance and spend a night in Monument valley [or surrounding area] will leave you a comfortable day back to Tuscon. If there was an extra night available you could visit Canyon De Chelley and Petrified Forest and then drive through the Sitgreaves Forest from Holbrook, but think that a bit much with just 2 nights as it would start to feel rushed.

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