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  1. Default Jan - Feb Rad trip LA to Las Vegas Via Tucson

    I wonder if anyone has any advice for a trip taking in the following locations...
    Los Angeles - San Diego - Wellton - Tucson - Las Cruces - Albuquerque - Colorado Springs - Grand Junction - Beaver - Las Vegas and back to Los Angeles. My husband and I did Seattle to Vegas (via San Diago & Phoenix) for our honeymoon last year and had such a great time we thought we'd do some of it again and add on a couple of other places. We're not worried about the driving really but I wondered what the weather/driving conditions may be like driving from Albuquerque to Beaver. Also I'm a vegetarian and struggled to find places to eat last year. I'm an expert on the field mushroom burger now!! Any advice of hotels, eats and sight seeing will be gratefully received. Many Thanks

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    Default little help

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think we need a little more help before we can help you. How long do you plan to be on the road? How did you come up with this list of places (a reason to visit each of them, or just a place you think you might stop for the night?) what sorts of things are you looking forward to already?

    There is lot of information about this general outline on the forum already, so just looking around will be helpful to get some good background, but knowing more about you and your trip will really be needed to give you more specific help.

  3. Default La, Tucson & Vegas Roadtrip

    We are going for two weeks and have only picked the places as there are about the right kind of driving distances between each place. Looking forward to the beautiful scenery and experiencing the less touristy side of America. We are open to suggestions on places to see along the routes and alternatvice routes if people have other ideas. We're pretty easy!

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    Default going farther

    Especially since you've only got 2 weeks for this trip, I think there are some sections of this trip where you'll want to cover more miles.

    For example, San Diego to Tucson can be easily be done in one day. Its only 400 miles, which you could cover in about 7 hours on the road. That would give you more time to actually explore some of Southern Arizona and the Tucson area.

    Same is also kind of true for several of your other legs. Tucson to Albuquerque could be a fairly easy day on the road (and Las Cruces is a bit out of the direct way - there is a shortcut north at Demming, NM). Of course, a pretty natural spot to stop here would also be White Sands NM, but if you were going there, you might want to stop in Alamgordo instead of LasCruces.

    You could quite easily spend 2 weeks alone just going through all of the national parks between Colorado and Las Vegas, so you'll have to help us out there a little more with what you are hoping to see.

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