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    I am from Brazil and will be in Tucson-AZ in the end of February 2008. I will have a few days off after my stay in Tucson and I am planning to go driving to Las Vegas. Is this a good trip ? I also would like to visit the Grand Canyon

    Any suggestion of route, attraction, hotels, etc ??

    I am thinking to travel for 1 night, leaving Tucson by mid day and arriving in Vegas on the next evening. Is that ok ? I will be traveling alone, so I wouldn`t like to drive for more than 4 hours (can be 2 period of 4 hours)

    As I am not US citizen and am not in US, any suggestion would be very helpfull.

    How is the weather to drive in the begining of March ?

    Many thanks,


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You can certainly make the trip from Tucson to Vegas, via the Grand Canyon, and in two days it wouldn't be too tough. However, you'll be looking at about 5-6 hours to make the trip from Tucson to the Grand Canyon, and then another 5 or so to make the trip from the Canyon to Vegas.

    There will be plenty of chances for you to stop along the way, so you can get out out of the car as often as you'd like to help break up the trip.

  3. Default 5-6 hours is OK

    If it takes 5-6 hours from Tucson to Grand Canyon and the same to Las Vegas, is not a problem. I can drive 3 hours, stop for luch and drive another 3 hours.

    What I don`t want is to drive more than 4 hours directly or more than 7 hours per day as I will be alone in a foreign country. It can increase my stress and I will be there for fun.

    Another question: Does it worth to hire a GPS together with the car?

    Regarding the car I am thinking to get a Pontiac G6 from Alamo. is this a good car for this trip?

    Many Thanks,


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    I'd say that the G6 is a perfectly fine car for such a journey. Any comfortable mid-size sedan will do quite nicely. On the other hand, I wouldn't get the GPS unit. At $20-25 per day you would be hard pressed to get lost enough to make it worthwhile. American roads are very well marked and a good map of the state of Arizona might cost you a few dollars. In the interest of full disclosure, I must say that people whose attention is glued to some cute display rather than the road rank right down there in my estimation with those on cell phones, eating a burger, applying eye-liner, etc., etc., etc.


  5. Default thanks

    Thanks !!

    I agree that GPS is too much for 1 day trip. Also, if I get lost it won`t be a problem as I don`t have a day to arrive in LV.

    Regarding routes, places to sleep, eat and visit, any suggestion ?

    Is the weather too bad in the first week of march ? is there any chance to close the roads ?


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    Default my suggestion

    i recommend blowing thru phoenix as quick as possible and taking I-17 up to AZ 179 into sedona. i bet you can get there from tucson in less than 4 hrs. save an hour for lunch and sightseeing in sedona, take 89A thru oak creek canyon (no wine for lunch before this ride!) and up thru flagstaff then up to the Grand Canyon (less than 3 hrs from sedona).
    you can book a cheap room at one of the grand canyon hotels if you want and/or get to vegas in maybe 3 hrs(?). also you will then get to see hoover dam before vegas.
    i am no expert but have now been out that way a few times now.

    good luck!


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    Default Not unless you like supporting local US governments

    Quote Originally Posted by jago View Post
    ... if you want and/or get to vegas in maybe 3 hrs(?).
    One huge caveat -- John likes to drive fast and probably nudges past triple digits every so often. If you were to drive at the legal speed limit, it is five hours from the south rim of the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas....


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    ehehehe ! I like to drive fast but dont wanna get stoped by US police. Also because I am not in a hurry.

    I intend to leave Tucson by mid-day, have luch on the way and get to Grand Canyon by early evening (if possible before sunset) and sleep there (and have wine for dinner !).

    On next day do some sightseeing in the morning, have luch in some local restaurant and head to Las Vegas just after to arrive there before 8pm.

    Any special route from Sedona to LV ?

    Any hotel, restaurante or tour recommendation on the way?

    Many thanks,


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