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    hello every one....i live in boulder colorado...i am planning a road trip for this summer and i intend to start from my friends place in Tucson,Az. I am planning to reach tucson by air and then drive upto Las vegas then stay in Vegas for a couple of days and then drive upto Los Angeles(stay there for a couple of days) and from there fly back home. As this will be a road trip from Tucson upto i want to cover most of the beautiful,scenic places in between,small detours are not a problem. Can anyone suggest the best route and the important places to visit on this roadtrip (i want to visit the grand canyon for sure).It will be very helpful if you can provide some information about local sight seeing and places to stay in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. We wish to start from tucson on saturday morning and have upto wednesday.

    We have another option too....we can fly upto Los Angeles on friday night stay the weekend and then start for las vegas....

    which one is more suitable and how much time shud we give to each city.....will 1 day and 1 night be enough for Los Angeles???

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America forums!

    Certainly it's possible to do the RoadTrip you've laid out as a one way drive from Tucson to Los Angeles. But you should give serious consideration to making it a loop trip ending up back in Tucson. You can make the drive from Los Angeles to Tucson in a day on maybe a tank and a half of gas (more or less) and by doing so you should be able to save a significant amount of money on the airfare by buying a simple round trip ticket, and on the car rental by avoiding the one way drop-off fee.

    That said, some of the places you should consider on your drive from Tucson to the Grand Canyon would include Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon, Jerome, and Walnut Canyon. Then from the Canyon to Las Vegas: old Route 66 through Oatman and a stop at the Hoover Dam. Between Las Vegas and Los Angeles: the Mojave National Preserve, and between Los Angeles and Tucson (should you opt to do a loop): Joshua Tree National Park.


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    Thanx Azbuck for ur reply....we want to do a round trip but we only have five days and we want to spend atleast a full day each in las vegas and los angeles so that we can cover the attractions there...will we be able to cover everything with proper amount of devoted time if we decide to do a round trip??? and how much time would each drive you mentioned above take? and what are the attractions at sedona,oak creek canyon,jerome,walnut canyon and oatman which are a must visit...
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    Unfortunately, No. The bare minimum for such a round trip with a full day in Las Vegas, another in Las Vegas, and adequate time at the Grand Canyon would be 6 days. And that would not include either any other stops along the way or the days when you fly.

    Basically this is how your current plan of 5 days would go: Day 1 (Saturday) - Drive to the Canyon; Day 2 - See the Canyon in the morning and drive to Las Vegas in the afternoon/evening; Day 3 - Las Vegas; Day 4 - Drive to Los Angeles and spend the evening; Day 5 - See Los Angeles; Day 6 (Thursday) - Fly out of L.A.

    You can play around a little bit with how much time, exactly, to spend in Las Vegas and/or Los Angeles, but not much. You should not plan on trying to fit anything more than your three major destinations into this trip given your time frame. Yes, this will be expensive what with an 'open jaw' ticket and one way car rental, but that expense buys you the ability to fit these three destinations, and the miles between them, into only 6 days


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    what if we decide to drop LA and visit only vegas...will the round trip be completed in 5 days then??? bcoz i think we can do another road trip along the west coast covering san diego, la and san francisso sometime else/////

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    If you work through the first three days of what I outlined above, and then add a one day drive from Las Vegas back to Tucson, you'll have spent 4 days minimum with a half day at the Canyon and a full day in Las Vegas. Such a reduced trip would obviously allow you to spend a bit more time at both of those locations or perhaps at some of the sites I mentioned in my first response.


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