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  1. Default From NY to Miami (09/03 - 09/21)

    Hello everybody,

    we will drive from NY to Miami in September. These are our (so far) planned stops:

    3. - 7. September New York
    7. September NY - Washington
    8. September Washington
    9. September Washington
    10. September Washington - Raleigh
    11. September Raleigh
    12. September Raleigh - Charleston
    13. September Charleston
    14. September Charleston - Orlando
    15. September Orlando
    16. September Orlando
    17. September Orlando - Miami
    18. - 21 September Miami

    - We are not too sure if we should spend 3 days in Orlando (because we don't want to visit a theme park). Is the city worth a three day stay? If not: can someone give us an alternative?

    - We already have a hotel in NY, Washington and Miami. Can someone give us advise for other cheap hotels in Raleigh, Charleston and Orlando?


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    I have to ask - is there any particular reason you are going to Raleigh? I also have to ask why you are going to go to Orlando if you have no interest in theme parks. I suspect they may just be points on a map? Orlando is probably worth an overnight, but I'd be hard pressed to spend 3 days there without going to one or more of the parks.

    What we need to work on here is the week in between Washington and Miami. This is plenty of time to do a lot of sightseeing instead of just blasting down the Interstate from city to city. The only place you have listed so far that makes a lot of sense is Charleston, it's a very historic city. To help you fill in the blanks better between Washington and Charleston - and Charleston and Miami, what are your interests? Would you prefer to go down the coast and see beaches, or would you prefer to travel inland, perhaps seeing some mountains and forests? Are you into history, or other things?

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