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  1. Default From La to Miami!

    Hi everybody,
    my wife and me, from Italy, have planned a coast to coast next august (17 or 19 days, it depends on flights booking). This is the road we're thinking:
    Flight to LA where we rent a car then San Francisco - Las Vegas - Gran Canyon - Albuquerque - Memphis - New Orleans - Florida and back home

    What do you think about it? Any tips?
    Thank you very much


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    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A. forums.

    Choosing to do a cross country run is a popular choice and you have enough time to do so.
    Your trip is likely to be in the region of 4000 miles with some detours, so travelling 400 miles a day, which is about 7 hours behind the wheel with short stops would take 10 days leaving you 7-9 days for exploring. Although that could soon disappear with a couple of days in LA, SF, Vegas and the Grand canyon for instance. So you won't have lots of time but you can get an overview of places. We generally recommend 500-550 miles a day as a comfortable limit per day and with short stops would put you on the road for 9-10 hours.

    Have a search around the forums and in the road trip planning pages [in the green tool bar at top of page] for more info and ideas and as you have any questions about parts of your trip just ask.

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    There are added costs and hassles involved in renting a car from one location and dropping it at another on the other side of the country. I would personally look into booking a car with someone like Thrifty or Dollar who do not ask for payment up front (just to lock in to the price which will always be cheaper booking as far in advance as you can) and then phoning around various rental companies in Miami closer to the time to enquire if they have any special offer or cars to return from LA. If they do then not only will they usually waive the one way fee but they may give you a very attractive rate too. If this is the case then you can just cancel your pre-booked car and save a few bucks.

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    Thank you for your tips,
    I've already rented a car, National, and the price is very low, but you know that we probably have a different range, in Italy is not so cheap!

    I'm looking around the forums and this beautiful website.
    Thank you


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