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    Me and a friend of mine wanne do a roadtrip from ATL to Miami, in approx. 2month.
    First we thought about renting a car, but the prices are insane. A car for one week from ATL to Miami costs 600Dollar.
    I life in Ann Arbor , so we would take a plane to ATL, and then travel the east coast all the way to miami.
    Beside of renting a car, is there any bus company which do tours? I donīt wanne go with Greyhounds etc., because they are going straight from one place to another.
    Instead I would like to leave ATL, travel 4hours and hop off at e.g. jacksonville. Stay 2days there and take another bus to daytona beach... and so on.
    When Iīve been in Australia they had bus agencies like that, there has to be something like that in the US right?

    I am no native english speaker, but I guess u got the idea.
    Soo can anybody help? =)
    thanks alot

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    Default Greyhound is a Bit Flexible

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    While it will cost more than a single straight through ticket, it is possible to take Greyhound between almost any two cities you could name along the east coast. You would, for instance, buy a ticket from Atlanta to Jacksonville, then one from Jacksonville to Daytona when you were ready, and so on down the coast. As a round figure guess on what this might cost, I'd say about $200 based on today's fares and a handful of stops. The total cost will go up a bit with each additional stop. Remember, that's one way and it won't nearly be as fast as you think. The run from Atlanta to Jacksonville takes around 8 hours rather than 4 because the bus will be stopping in many small towns and cities along the way. If there are two of you and you'll be returning to Atlanta, then the $600 for the car (plus fuel) starts to get competitive with the nearly $800 for two sets of tickets that add up to two roundtrips between Atlanta and Miami. Unfortunately, those really are your only two options for doing what you want.


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