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    Default Pennsylvania Festivals and Summer Events

    Has anyone been to any big and entertaining festivals in Pennsylvania? Preferably ones that are annual and can be enjoyed by anyone? Music, food, special events..anything!? Im planning on visiting some and would like some info from ppl that have already been there and done that!

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    Two that come to mind are the Penn State Arts Fest and the Philadelphia Folk Festival. I've never been to the Folk Festival, but it is a regular thing, and I would imagine is a family-friendly environment. It is not held within Philadelphia and I think there is camping permitted. Arts Fest is a great time - I haven't been there in years, but there are lots of tents with vendors selling arts and crafts and other "artsy" things going on. It also serves as a sort of reunion for Penn State students who are living somewhere else during the summers so it can get a bit rowdy at nights.

  3. Default musikfest in bethlehem (1 weeks in beginning august) and bloomsburg fair +++

    is in the end of sept - i think that's their big "state" fair. i remember going on my way back from PSU - awesome time!
    here's a link to a list of fairs by date:

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    ok thanks for the information im gonna check these out!

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