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  1. Default What is there to see in Pennsylvania?

    Ok, a bit more to it than that but thats the gist of it.

    In the early stages of planning a trip from New York to San Francisco. Major stopping points so far are national parks and monuments. The Usual Suspects : Scotts Bluff, Mount Rushmoore, Devils Tower, Yellowstone then head south via Salt Lake City to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Death Valley and on to LA and finally SF. Allowing 3 weeks'ish for the trip atm.

    The geographically minded amongst you will have noted that we get pretty far west before we hit anything "intersting" and this is where I have to ask for advice.

    What is there to look at / do between NY and Scotts Bluff if we follow the general route of I-80. We do plan on stopping in Chicago for a day or so but other than that we are struggling to find places worth a stop over. Can Pennsylvania really be that boring? Is there really nothing in Iowa or Nebraska apart from the horizon?

    Part of the idea of the trip is to see what we find on the way but having a definate destination for any particular day is something we at least want to have planned, even if we dont actually do it.

    Any suggestions appreciated!
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    well it depends what you want to do. there are historical spots like Gettysburg in Penn. but for national park kind of beauty, there is a lot more in the west. i always found Penn to be a long, long drive but then i was always trying to get through as fast as i could to other spots.

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    Default I-80 in Pennsylvania

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    There are things to see and do all along I-80 but actually I-80 across northern Pennsylvania is one of my favorite stretches of Interstate precisely because there are very few cities and other 'attractions' along it. That is NOT to say that it is a boring road by any stretch. It crosses thickly wooded reaches of the Appalachians and besides the nearly ubiquitous state game lands, there of plenty of lower key, lesser known venues along it. Oil City in northwestern Pennsylvania is the home of America's first oil wells and an eclectic museum. Just to the east is the home of Punxsutawney Phil, famous every February 2nd. Next up would be Williamsport, site of the Little League World Series and Museum. Then, since you will have seen the Grand Canyon of Arizona, take the time to also visit the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. Finally, there is one of the great unknown wonders of the northeast, the Delaware Water Gap. The same is true of Iowa and Nebraska, as well as along every Interstate Highway.

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    Default Plenty of geography

    Quote Originally Posted by daveb View Post

    The geographically minded amongst you will have noted that we get pretty far west before we hit anything "intersting" and this is where I have to ask for advice.
    Take a look at a topographic map of Pennsylvania and you might want to rephrase that statement. The result of this landscape are many interesting small towns in pockets among the mountains. I would recommend spending some time on the two lanes in the area just to get a feel for the state and you most likely will find something enjoyable.

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    Thanks for all the replies.

    AZBuck : Many thanks, lots to think about there and a couple of options already looking good!

    MassTim : Point taken, we wer'nt planning on just sitting on the interstate all the way, but we do want to try and line up a few "Big ticket" items on the way to give us something to auim for and keep us moving in the right direction.

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