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    Default Halloween Road Trip / Ok to PA

    Hi all! I'm looking for your ideas. =)

    Here's the details:

    Leaving Friday, October 26th, in the afternoon and I have to be back Sunday, November 4th...preferrably by 10pm? lol

    Driving from Oklahoma City and the destination is the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, PA.

    I love Halloween and it falls right in the middle of the trip. I'm hoping to go to the Eastern State Penitentiary while I'm there (looks like they turn it into an awesome haunted attraction for Halloween! Love those Haunted Houses!!) as well as the Mutter Museum. I'm looking for some creepy destinations on the way. lol.... Or just some good ol' weird/interesting places to stop and see.

    I know I can go up through Missouri and Indiana/Illinois to get there but isn't there a way I could go through Kentucky and West Virginia? I've seen the the M/I/I states but I'd like to go more east if I can. Any ideas on a route? I don't really have to stick to the Interstate if I have time...or maybe go that way on the way back? I really want to spend some time in PA and I'd like to get there asap. If I took more time to get home what day would you say I should leave?

    There will be myself and a friend to share the driving. Oh - and I HAVE to go to Pittsburg while I'm there too. I have a friend that lives there and she said it's about 5 hours on the turnpike from Philadelphia to Pittsburg. So that's no problem.

    So bring on your great ideas on the creepy and weird...oh yeah, and that all important route.

    Any ideas are appreciated! Thanks so much! =)


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    Default A more Southerly route

    A more Southerly route would take you along I-40 to I-65 then I-64. This would get you into Kentucky and then across West Virginia. From there, you have a choice to take either I-77 to I-70, I-76 or continue East and go up through Virginia. This would be longer, of course, than the route you mentioned, but you'll get to see more of the country this way. Either way, it's about a three day trip one-way.

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    Thanks for the route advice =) I have finally decided on the I'm just looking for those odd stops to make.

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    Default What to do in Pittsburgh?

    I am going to Pennsylvania and the route I'm taking leads me to Pittsburgh first.

    What is there to do in Pittsburgh? Any interesting ideas or must sees?

    Next heading to Philadelphia via the turnpike I suppose...or is there a better way? I have Philadelphia covered as far as things to do ...just stuck on Pittsburg and in-between....After I get there, I'll have 5 days in Pennsylvania before I have to leave.

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    Default Pittsburgh is one of my favorite cities in America

    Quote Originally Posted by pypher View Post
    What is there to do in Pittsburgh? Any interesting ideas or must sees?
    Fort Point State Park is a fun place to walk around and there is a concrete amphitheater where the timbers under the freeway create the world's largest marimbas. Here is a field report about Pittsburgh.


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