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    Hi Newbie here....I am planning our first big roadtrip. We are leaving from Dahlonega, Ga headed to S. rim Grand Canyon. We are leaving on June 4th and need to be at the S.G.C. on June 9th. Some of the towns and attractions we want to see are...
    Amarillo, TX- The American Quarter Horse Museum, Big Texan Steak Ranch, and Cadillac Ranch
    Sandia Peak Tranway
    Petrified Forest N.P.
    Winslow, AZ
    Sedona, AZ- Sliding Rock S.P. and see the red rock

    Is this too much to do in 5 to 6 days? Where should we stop and how many miles per day would you suggest? Any suggestions and advice is appreciated.


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    I'd say you're just starting to bump up against the limit of what's enjoyable, but you're still on the right side of the line. Take 2½ days to get to Amarillo. Spend the evening and the next morning exploring all the places you want to visit in that city. Head out around lunch time, ride the Tramway at sunset and spend the fourth night in Albuquerque. That will let you spend minimal time in the Petrified Forest and Winslow and still get to Flagstaff by nightfall of the fifth day. On your sixth day do a quick tour of Oak Creek Canyon and return to the Grand Canyon. So, as noted, just barely fitting it all in.

    We generally recommend 500-550 miles per day on multi-day trips. I'd try to hit the high end of that on the first few days and push on until after Amarillo where you're currently trying to squeeze ten pounds of cats into a five pound bag.


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    Thank you so much. I think we will play it by ear. I don't want to be pushed so much that it isn't enjoyable. We will just wing it without any reservations up until the Grand Canyon.


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