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    4 of us are planning on flying to Chicago (from Vancouver) where we will have a van ready for excursion. We will leave Chicago and head east to go through New York and Boston. Next will be Maine and then up to Halifax to see the 50 ft tides. Our plan from there is to drive across Canada and see Montreal, Toronto (Niagra Falls), etc.

    From Toronto we want to drive back to Vancouver BC stopping at places along the way. My question is, would it be better to drive the Canada route or US route to get from Toronto to Vancouver? Which way has better site seeing and which route is faster? Our next question is if 14 days to complete this trip is enough time? Are we gunna be rushed and constantly driving or will we have time to make fun detours detours like going bass fishing??

    Any pointers on our route or must see destinations would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm sorry to tell you that I don't see any way you could do this trip without feeling rushed, much less with time for any detours for fishing.

    Think of it this way, you've already got 7 cities you've listed that you want to see, before you even start a cross country trip back to Vancouver. If you were flying back from Chicago, it would still be quick, but you could probably do that loop with some time for exploration, but there's just no way you could do all of that, plus make the 2500 mile trip back to Vancouver in just 14 days.

    What I would suggest, first off all, is just make this a loop trip, flying both directions. Your other option would be to fly into NY instead. The fastest way from Toronto to Vancouver is going to be through the US, so you'd go back through Chicago anyway. That would save close to 2 days of driving. Even there, you'd still have to be pushing hard to get everything in
    to 14 days, so I'd really try to add a couple of more days or you may have to cut something else out of your current plan.

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