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  1. Default How does this sound?

    Hi there,

    new to the forum but had a good search and cant find anyone doing quite the same trip so wanted to post to get some feedback.

    We have already booked 1 way flights to Vegas but that is it so far.

    19th April - Flying to Vegas.

    23rd April - Drive to Grand Canyon South Rim

    24th April - Phoenix

    25th April - Anaheim

    27th April - LA

    30 April - San Louis Obispo

    1st May - Monterrey

    2nd May - San Fran

    5th May - Fly home back to Florida.

    We cant really extend the trip any further than that.

    I know there is quite a bit of driving which my fella says he doesnt mind, we wouldnt pick up the car til the day before we leave Vegas and would fly home from San Fran.

    We chose Phoenix as it seems central between Grand Canyon and Anaheim, if anyone can think of anywhere else to stop then please fire away.

    Also can someone give me the rough driving times and miles for the following.

    Vegas to South Rim of Grand Canyon (we thought 6 hours)

    Grand Canyon to Phoenix (5 hours?)

    Phoenix to Anaheim (4 hours?)



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    Default Phoenix??

    Welcome to the RTA Forum

    At first glance your trip seems pretty well spaced out, although I might plan to spend at least a full day at the Grand Canyon and I certainly would change your route when you head back towards California.

    Phoenix is a long way out of the way if you're going from the Grand Canyon to the LA/Anaheim area, in fact, I'd bet it would be shorter to go back to through Vegas, which is about 5 hours to the Canyon and 5 hours to LA. Phoenix is 6-7 hours to the LA area, not 4.

    On your trip back from the Canyon, you'd be much better off stopping somewhere along I-40, like Kingman, AZ, or Needles or Barstow, CA depending upon how far you want to drive. All those places are along old Route 66, and have quite a few motels. Lake Havasu City, AZ or even Laughlin, NV could also be options if you are looking for a more touristy spot.

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    Default I question Phoenix, too!


    I agree with Michael. Unless you're going to Phoenix to see something in particular, there is no reason to go down there before heading to LA.

    I also agree that you'll want a full day at the Grand Canyon. You can stay right on the South Rim in Grand Canyon Village or the small town of Valle just south of there a few miles. If you want to make it to I-40 for the night, the town of Williams has a nice selection of motels.

    It's about 495 miles from Grand Canyon South Rim to LA via I-40. If you went south to Phoenix and then to LA via I-10, it would be about 600 miles. Hope that helps!

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