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    Hi everyone my Dad and I are planning our first real daddy/daughter vacation this summer June 17th-22nd. I moved to Utah for school and I have been to Zion and really wanted my dad to see it's beauty as well. I plan to take him to the narrows, and Angel's landing. My dad and I love to fish (not fly fish) and would like to hit up some off the beaten path smaller water fishing areas. So here are my questions. I was thinking that Moab would be another great place to go see, some one had also made mention of some place called Tropic reservoir (possible good fishing). I am not sure where else would be good to go, and I have no clue where to fish in this state. We will be leaving Salt Lake so any good places between here and Zion I would love to hear about. I would like at least 2 good places to fish on the way, and a list of great camp grounds, and other scenic must dos would be wonderful. I was told about some at night boat trip on the green river where they tell native american stories, but no one remembers names, prices, or exact places of these places. Oh and we have both seen the grand canyon so no need to stop there. If someone could help me plan an amazing camping/hiking/fishing/must see trip it would mean so much to me! Thanks in advance and hope to get some messages soon!

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    Default Been a long time since I did any fishing

    A river trip on the Green and on through Cataract Canyon is very, very cool -- most of the guys I've floated with sold their businesses a few years ago -- but I'll do some looking for you.


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    Default A whole lotta Utah

    Hello darbs29,

    It's clear you're enjoying Utah and want to show your Dad a good time. Utah is one of my favorite places to visit, too. Here are just a few comments and observations which will hopefully help you along in your planning process:

    The Green River immediately below Flaming Gorge Dam is as trout-filled as any place on Earth. Guided trips in dorys or on rafts are the way to experience the Green. Quite a number of outfitters/guides can be found working out of Dutch John, UT. The guided trips I'm familiar with, however, are all for fly-fishermen. I imagine trips can be arranged for spin-casters, but it's likely the casting is restricted to barbless, single-hook artificial lures, and catch and release is likely enforced. The take-outs below the dam are spaced at half-day and full-day distances from the dam.

    Much of the remainder of the Green's long traverse of central UT is not trout water (where the waters within, say, 20 or 30 or so miles from the dam remain cold enough for trout). Also, below approximately the town of Green River, UT, on I-70, the Green enters a series of very remote canyons where access points are few, far between, and involve literally dozens and dozens of miles of slow 4WD vehicle travel. Ultimately the Green enters the Colorado at The Confluence within Canyonlands National Park, and from The Confluence to Lake Powell is the Cataract Canyon. Access to the Green below the town of Green River and to the Cataract Canyon involves days-long guided/outfitted raft trips.

    But, Lake Powell is known for its striped bass fishing and I'd suggest arranging a guided trip would be your best bet. Similarly, Flaming Gorge Reservoir back up towards the Green's headwaters at Dutch John and Manila, UT offers terrific lake fishing. At Flaming Gorge, deep trolling for HUGE lake trout is very popular. There again, a guided trip is what I'd look for.

    Closer to Salt Lake City, the Provo River between Heber City and Provo, within Provo Canyon, offers many easily-accessed spots inasmuch as the main highway runs along the river. You'd need to check local regulations concerning lures, catch & release, etc, as I haven't a clue what the current rules are.

    Other cool places not too far away from your starting place would be the Alpine Loop, Timpanogos Cave (Caverns?) along the Alpine Loop, a drive over Guardsman's Pass at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon,and Robert Redford's Sundance Resort along the Alpine Loop. The entire Unita Range, from Flaming Gorge on west towards Park City represents a good 100 miles of forested, snowcapped mountains studded with alpine lakes and mountain streams, so surely some trout-fishing of most any sort can be found in the Unitas.

    Lastly, I think some searching specifically for Utah fishing websites and forums is in order. That's what I did prior to booking a trip to the Green below Flaming Gorge some 3 years ago.

    Have fun planning and taking your RoadTrip!


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    Default Camping.

    The Watchman campground in Zion is in a nice location by the park entrance and within a short walk to the shuttle buses in to the park or the town of Springdale, but you would need to check to see if there are any vacancies as they book out quickly in the summer months. If you are planning on visiting Arches NP in the Moab area that to has a great campground called the Devil garden but the same applies, you would need to check and book to guarantee a spot.

    Tropic Res. is along the beautiful scenic byway 12 and close by is the amazing Red rock spires of Bryce canyon. At the head of the canyon and near to the entrance is Rubys Inn campground, lodgings and shops.

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