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  1. Default NJ to CA- "Northern route" or "Southern route"?

    Hey everybody- I'd really appreciate any advice you can give me! I'm moving a friend from New Jersey to Los Angeles (next week!!!) and we are complete road trip novices. We are completely overwhelmed by planning our route and figuring out what to see on the way out there. I figure we have about 7 days total.

    I have asked various people for advice, and they immediately ask if I am taking the "Northern route" or "Southern route." What exactly are both of these? The people I have spoken to say they hear the Southern route is better, but I'm not sure why. The only person I have spoken to who has actually driven cross country is my dad, and he says I cannot miss certain things (Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands), but I am guessing these are all a part of the "Northern route."

    Any advice you can give me on planning the route for this last-minute trip as well as must-see destinations along the way would be much appreciated. Keep in mind I only have 7 days and will be travelling with a full car, so camping gear cannot be brought and I can't spend too much time messing around. Thanks again for your help!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Considering there are litterally hundreds, if not thousands of possible route combinations you could take to make a cross country trip, even I don't know what they would be specifically refering to as the Northern or Southern Routes.

    Two of the more popular options for the trip across the west would be I-40, which follows much of old route 66, through Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arizona. The highway is about an hour away from the Grand Canyon, which you could probably squeeze in during a 7 day trip.

    Another good choice is to take I-70 through Colorado and Utah, before cutting down I-15 through Vegas. This route takes you right through the Rockies, and has some great views right from the freeway. It also is within short detours to Rocky Mountain, Arches, and Zion National Parks.

    The badlands, Rushmore and Yellowstone are all up around I-90, and quite a ways out of your way for this trip. They are great places, but not for this trip.

    7 days should give you some flexability, so you can take any number of variations off of these routes.

    Good luck and have fun!

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