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    Default "New York to Miami Sisters Road Trip! Summer 2010!" :-)

    Hi Everyone!

    We are two sisters, French girls, Julie, 23years old and Marion 22, and our dream will become true this Summer 2010! We just bought our tickets: 16th of July in New York and flying back to France from Miami the 26th of August! so 41 days trip! Living the American Dream! Wouuuuuuu :-)

    We are quite novice in travelling, I ve been travelling around Australia (Julie) but my sister never. So we are looking for any TIPS which could help us for our travel!!!

    The plan: We want to spend a week in New York and then travel down to Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, Chicago, Orlando and finish the last week in Miami! atm we plan to go with about 2200$ budget each.

    Questions: - the best way to travel? hitching? rent a car, a van? by train, by bus?
    - any cheap accomodation? useful to take a tent?
    - what are the things we don't have to miss during our road trip?
    - do we need to bring more $$$ ?

    Thank you very much in advance, any advice or anything could be really helpfull! :-)
    Looking forward for you to reply!

    Julie & Marion
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    Default Tight budget.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You will find lots of useful info throughout the RTA site to help you find things of interest that appeal to you, enter key words into the search function [top right of page] and enjoy the many pages of info. I would also invest in a good map to help with your plans as Boston is "up" and Chicago "across" but you could possibly find a reasonably priced internal return flight from NY.

    The best way to get around is to hire a car [this is a road trip forum after all] but the fact that you are both under 25 would mean a hefty "young driver" surcharge and your budget isn't really strong enough to take it. I wouldn't recommend hitch hiking at all [I am not sure of the legalities] but just from a safety point of view is enough.

    As you are mainly visiting Cities I doubt a tent would be of much use but perhaps hostels could be an option. Although they charge per person whereas a Motel will charge per room but City centre lodgings are normally quite expensive.

    do we need to bring more $$$ ?
    Yes. With all the travelling you want to do and places like New York not being the cheapest I think you will struggle with a budget of a little over $50 a day, so get saving !

    Keep working on your trip and look around for the answers that you need and as your plans unfold and you have other questions just ask.

    Enjoy the planning !
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    Default Naturellement

    Bienvenue sur les forums de RoadTrip Amérique. Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Since you have come to a RoadTrip website, you can expect to be told that the best way to make your journey from New York to Miami would be to drive. On the other hand, had you gone to a railroading website, you might expect to be directed to Amtrak or to Greyhound by those who prefer bus travel. The only one of your listed options that I can't imagine anyone recommending would be hitchhiking, which would leave you at the mercy of strangers, in more ways than one. However, even here I must point out the major disadvantage of renting and driving a car, which will be cost. Not only will there be the rental fee for the car of around $200/week, but since both you and your sister are younger than 25, you would have to pay an additional $175/week for each of you who wanted to drive at any time during your trip. Then there is the one-way drop-off fee for leaving the car in a different city from than where you pick it up, maybe another $250 or so. All of that will eat into your available budget. However, all is not lost. We have had some people who have managed to have both the underage fees and the drop-off fees waived by booking their car through a European broker or agency, and driving does give you access to many state and national parks and forests where you might be able to save some money by camping. You can either bring camping equipment with you or purchase some relatively cheap sleeping bags and a tent here. You could also alternate between camping and staying in some of the more economical motels such as Motel 6, Super 8, Red Roof Inns, and Econo Lodge.

    Boston is north of New York, so not really on the way from New York to Miami, but if you really want to see it, it is only about a half day's drive from New York. Otherwise, if you drive, some of the places you should consider visiting as you go south are listed here. Bonne chance!


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    Default Most cities you won't want to have a car

    A few other thoughts, as I too, always travel on a tight budget.

    Do not hitch-hike, it is extremely dangerous and in lots of places, illegal.

    You will not want a car in NYC. Mass transport is excellent throughout the city and parking is extremely expensive and hard to find. So that cuts at least 7 days off your rental costs.

    If you are going to Boston, purely to see beautiful Boston, and not planning on doing a sightseeing trip on the way there, then I would definitely recommend you travel by train. (I am not fond of the bus, but they are efficient and cheap.) In Boston and most of the suburbs, mass transport is also plentiful and efficient.

    It is probably the same in Philadelphia, and definitely Washington. In Washington DC a car can be more of a handicap than an assett when visiting all the famous sites and museums. The transport is very good, and often drops you off much closer than what you can park a car.

    It may be more cost effective when in these cities, to take a day tour to places not covered by mass transport.

    I would cover all those cities first, and then rent a vehicle and drive to Chicago and Florida. That will reduce your rental time considerably, and with it the associated costs. Another way that you may be able to reduce the costs is to check out Adventures on Wheels. Their policy for under 25 is much more relaxed.

    For cheaper accommodation check out the hostels, but be aware, that in NYC (and most other big cities) you will be paying much more than most people expect to pay for a hostel bed. In 2007 the HI - by far the safest and most secure hostel in NYC - was $40 per night for members. Still tons cheaper than a hotel even when there are two of you, and right in the heart of the city, on Amsterdam and 103rd (I think). Only a block from the subway, with the bus at the door. In Wahington DC, the HI is also right in the centre, very close to transport and walking distance to many of the major sites.

    A tent will be very useful when travelling, but as you look like you are mostly visiting cities, it won't be of much use there.

    For the rest, as others have said, keep saving and build up that budget. And keep looking around the forums for places to see and things to do.

    Lifey's tuppence worth

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