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    Default "Road Fever" driver Garry Sowerby's transit of Africa

    As is often the case (too often) I've made reference to something on a forum and it's been roundly mentioned before. I'm referring to a recent post concerning auto travel in South America and to Tim Cahill's excellent book, "Road Fever". Well, it turns out a lot of RTA regulars know of "Road Fever" and had mentioned it before. I guess that should not come as a surprise, though.

    You'll recall the principal driver on "Road Fever's" intercontinental road trip was professional racer Gary Sowerby. I believe he hailed from the Maritime Provinces of Canada. You may also recall mention, in Cahill's book, of Sowerby's experiences on a trip from South Africa northward to the Mediterranean (to Egypt, I suppose), in a Chevy Suburban, at some point in time in the years prior to the "Road Fever" trip. He'd named the 'Burban "Lucy Panzer" and Cahill had a chance to see her, as Sowerby owned her, bandito bullet holes and all, and kept her at his Canada home.

    I wonder what is available online in terms of images or copy regarding Sowerby's Africa trip? I'm a big fan of long distance off-road expedition travel, particularly of a "speed trip" nature, as it were, and would enjoy published articles or other material about this particular trip.

    Thanks for any input,


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    Default I saw somewhere...

    After reading Road Fever myself, I had the same curiosities and I did find at least some accounts of his trip from Africa, up through the middle east, and into europe. I think I just found them with a web search, so I don't have them off hand. I do remember as part of it, he did tell the story of getting shot at in Africa, and I remember getting a bit of a chuckle about during his trip (in the early 80s) that Baghdad was the safe place in the region.

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    Default Garry Sowerby is one of the RTA Contributors!

    Quote Originally Posted by Foy View Post
    I wonder what is available online in terms of images or copy regarding Sowerby's Africa trip?
    Well, you could just contact Garry directly. He is a contributing writer for RTA.

    As a fan of long-distance expedition travel -- I think you would get real kick out of Garry's book: Sowerby's Road: Adventures of a Driven Mind

    Here is an excerpt from that book -- "Bombay Peggy's and the Sourtoe Cocktail" And here are some of his world records....


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    Default Duh-Oh!

    Quote Originally Posted by Editor View Post
    Well, you could just contact Garry directly. He is a contributing writer for RTA.

    Yep, I did it again. I'll bet that Search function works pretty well--when a guy has the presence of mind to USE it.

    Some time ago, I'd done some mild searching for info on Garry's past and present exploits. I recall finding little. That must have been before his website came up and/or before he started contributing herein. I should have checked in again, as today there's plenty out there.

    Thanks for the links, Mark. Garry's site indeed touches on the vehicles he's piloted on various expeditions, including the Suburban, Lucy Panzer. Having driven some 6.2 liter GM diesels and my own 7.3 liter diesel truck, I don't suppose the Africa to the Arctic or the Pan-American trips featured lots of quick acceleration. American diesels have come a long way in 20 years.

    Thanks again and Happy Holidays!


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