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    Default Best campground in Death Valley for mid-April?

    This is my first time camping inside the park, so I'd like to know which campground would be best for familes that are tent camping.

    In mid-April will the valley floor (e.g. Furnace Creek or Texas Spring) be too hot? Or will Wild Rose be too cold?

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    My last visit there fell during November several years ago and found the temperatures to be very pleasant for camping (we actually got rained on). I suspect you'd most likely find the same thing in April under normal conditions.

    We either stayed at Texas Spring or Sunset, I can't remember specifically which one, but I found the conditions to be pretty nice for tent camping. Obviously, its desert camping, so there's not a lot to block the sites from each other. I also remember the slightly unusual electronic self-registration computer/kiosk simply because it was a different.

    Wild Rose is up at 4,000 feet and I would be a little concerned about the temperatures overnight. I haven't camped there specifically, but I've camped in the Sequoia Forest at roughly that elevation in the middle of July and have woken up to a chill, so I'd want to have solid 3 season gear before going with that option.

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