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    Default Death Valley - Saline Valley Hot Springs Road Updates 10/08/06

    Decided to take the long route home from Lone Pine yesterday.

    North Pass - open and doable with a standard car / vehicle. Note - I came across a VM Van and it made it okay. Exiting out of Whippoorwill Flats into Saline Valley, some loose rock. 4Wheel Drive is not required at this time. But that can change by a minor rain storm. Other words, road is in great shape!!!

    Road leading into the Hot Springs - okay and doable. Still some areas you need to watch out for.

    WATER SOURCE AT LOWER SPRINGS - there is very little hot water flowing into the lower springs. It's being artifically feed by another source once in awhile. The lower shower and "bat" pond are working on and off. That is to say, one day enough water, other days no water. The water in the lower pools is cold. Conclusion - as the crowds get bigger, it will strain the supply for hot water. It was suggested that if staying at the lower springs, trek up to Palm Springs for showering.

    Palm Springs (upper) is in great condition. Pools running with hot water and the shower works up there.

    SOUTH PASS - excellent and doable with a standard vehicle. But again, a slight storm can change this.

    WEATHER - it was perfect. When I arrived, it was around 75 degrees at 11AM. I only stayed for an hour and then left.

    SUPPLIES at the springs are near exhaustion. Bleach, brushes, spray bottles, etc... are needed. (From an observation point - did not ask.)


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    Default Thanks for the current intel

    Quote Originally Posted by The Desert Drifter View Post
    Decided to take the long route home from Lone Pine yesterday.
    Joel, thanks for the updates. Did you go as far as racetrack playa?


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    No. I thought I would be wrapping up my business early Saturday. That was not the case. But I did speak with a group at the spring and they stated it was doable with a standard car. Beyond that, I do not have any additional information.


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