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  1. Default Las Vegas-Death Valley-Yosemite (April)


    We are going to California in April and would like to drive from Las Vegas to San Francisco over 4 days. Currently we intend to spend:

    - 1 night in/around Death Valley
    - 1 night in Yosemite

    I understand the route via Tioga Pass is the most scenic but is unlikely to be open when we are there in mid-April. Can I get some advice on what's the alternative (scenic route) to drive through? Any advice on accommodation/best food stops/petrol stops will be most helpful.

    I come from Asia and this is the first time doing a road trip in America for me so any advice will be most appreciated.

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    Default the long way

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You are correct that Tioga pass will be closed at that time of year. It never opens until at least may.

    That means you will have to go around to the South via the Bakersfield area. There are hundreds of restaurants along the way, and you'll never be more than 50 miles from fuel, so you really don't need to preplan those stops. This is the most discussed route on the forum, with thousands of other posts and threads talking about going from Vegas to San Francisco, so I would strongly recommend that you simply take some time searching and browsing this forum to get some more ideas to start your planning!

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    Default Ideas, Sequoia

    With Four night's I would recommend spending 2 of them in or around Yosemite, it is spectacular and the Waterfalls will be at, or close to full flow.

    Between Death valley and Yosemite via the Southern route is Sequoia NP, home to the largest living tree's [or anything else for that matter] in the world.

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    The other option would be the northern route over the Sierras from Lake Tahoe - via CA-88 or US-50.

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