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  1. Default Vegas -Death Valley - Sequoia -Yosemite - San Fran April 9-12

    G'day from Sydney!

    Is this drive possible at this time of year?
    We don't want to drive like maniacs, we'd rather take the most scenic route, and one that has great little American towns to stop at along the way.
    I've been reading the threads and I like the sound of Route 49 as well.
    Also which towns would make good overnight stays?
    We won't be leaving Vegas until midday on the 9th.
    If I could only stop at one of the above it would be Yosemite.
    Any advice gratefully received, thanks

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    Default All Things Are Possible (Almost)

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Yes, the drive is possible any time of year. It will be 'warm' in Las Vegas and Death Valley, but certainly doable. On the other hand the passes over the Sierra Nevadas will still be snow-bound for the most part, so you'll have to skirt them to the south. Here is a post that links to several discussions of this general itinerary.

    It is certainly possible to add parts of CA-49 to your journey on the way from Yosemite to San Francisco, but it will make that stretch closer to a full day's drive. Where to stay each night is really going to be up to you and your schedule. But here's one set of possibilities. Leaving Las Vegas at mid-day on the 9th would still let you drive the 125 miles or so to Furnace Creek in Death Valley at a relatively leisurely pace and see the park in the evening light. Stay the night there (if you can still book rooms this late) and spend the next morning touring the park some more. When it starts getting too warm for you start to drive the next leg to Sequoia. You won't have a lot of time here, but you can drive through, take a short hike or two and still make it to Fresno for the night of the 10th. On the 11th, then, you would tour Yosemite, and spend the night either in the park (again, if accommodations are available, or in one of the small towns to the west. Then on the 12'th you'd make the drive to San Francisco.

    There will be plenty of opportunities to sample small-town America, as almost none of your driving will be on Interstates, and of course you can re-arrange any of the above to suit your own tastes.


  3. Default Which way from death valley to sequoia?

    Thanks so much for your quick reply!
    This is such a fantastic site, I'll definitely use it again.
    One more question - I've seen several recommendations for routes from Death Valley to Sequoia - which would you recommend for that time of year? Scenic value is most important to me.
    Thanks again

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    Default Here are some ideas on that

    Quote Originally Posted by Msrobski View Post
    which would you recommend for that time of year?
    Here is a must-read thread for you.

    A Forum member posted the following information and then subsequently requested that his membership account be cancelled. The original post had a lot of good information and it is reproduced here:

    You are right, Yosemite is number 1 on your list. Don’t miss it at any cost!

    It is a lovely city (San Francisco) but the traffic congestion can be challenging ...... If you must go, plan your drive between 10 AM and 2 PM during the week. If it’s a weekend, don’t drive toward the city Sunday afternoon or evening.

    The Mother Lode along 49 is worth your time. Columbia is a worthwhile stop, and almost any drive along 49 will please you if you enjoy small historic towns that retain much of their charm.

    If I had to choose, I would definitely cross the Sierra at Tahoe, rather than go around through Bakersfield. When you leave Death Valley I’d head to Lone Pine. If you don’t stay at Furnace Creek, the Best Western at Lone Pine is a good bet. Nice rooms, many with breathtaking mountain views.

    Lots of American Westerns were filmed in the Alabama Hills at Lone Pine and there is a movie museum there. If you ever saw a classic American shoot um up, you saw the Alabama Hills.

    If you turn south on 395 you are in for 350 miles of largely dull driving.
    (His words -- certainly not my point of view) If you turn north, you follow along the spectacular face of the Sierra Nevada, through small towns like Lone Pine, Independence, Bridgeport, etc, and past famed Mono Lake to Tahoe. You might even have time for a visit to Virginia City, by way of Gold Hill.

    Let me recommend if you have a laptop and wireless, you can usually get a connection at the hotel/ motel, and check our National Weather Service. It will be a real asset as the graphic and text forecasts are timely and very accurate. They can reliably guide you toward the blue skies if you should encounter weather issues. Try them out before you leave home. And get both long term and hourly forecasts.

    I’m not dealing with Sequoia NP here for two reasons. On a one way trip, Yosemite will fill you with wonder, and leave lovely Sequoia a bridesmaid anyway. If you are on a round trip and end up rushed, you it will be better to rush through or past Sequoia on the way back to Vegas.

    I hope you found this helpful in your own road trip planning.

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  5. Default a little late... but....

    Mrsrobski - Hi, sorry, i see your post was from a few years ago but i was curious as to how ur trip was. Reason I am asking is that I will also be visting Yosemite and Seq National Park this April and ma reading lots of things about the weather and snow etc... i know some roads may be closed but was driving OK? and were you able to see the giant sequoia trees at all? Many thanks, SMV

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    Default Unlikely to get a response.

    When looking around old threads, you can always click on the members name and check their profile to see if they are an active member as we have a lot of 'visitor' traffic.

    The original poster in this case has not visited the forums since the day after they joined in 2007.

    The one thing I will say is that no matter what the weather or road conditions they experienced, it will have no bearing on your trip whatsoever, even it had been a trip last year.

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