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  1. Default Spring Road Trip from Wisconsin to Salt Lake City, Up to Idaho and back to Wisconsin

    Hey so I am new to this site but I am looking for anyone that would be needing a ride any part of this long road trip. So if any of you have intrest in riding along with a fun spirited girl that needs help with gas please reply to my thred! Or if you have any ideas of places to stop on the way that would be awesome as well!!

    Thank you!!!

    Mod note] Moved to where others looking to share a ride will see it. I also added "Spring" to title of Road trip as that was the forum it was moved from.
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    Default Good luck !

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I have moved your thread to "Share the Gas " topic as that appears to be your main goal at the moment of getting travel buddies. I hope you have some luck in getting people to share the ride with you and if you have any specific questions about your adventure feel free to post them up.

    You will find lots of info throughout the RTA site so have a good look around and enjoy !

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    Hey thanks for the help!!!!

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