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  1. Default Road Trip Nj to St louis, Phoenix, Tucson, Grand Canyon, Salt lake city

    me and one of my friends are going on a road trip the second week of August probably around 8/14/09 and coming back around 8/28/09. We are leaving from Nj and making stops in several locations, St. louis, Phoenix, Tucson, Grand canyon, Salt lake city, and then on our way back to nj. We need one or two more people to come on the trip to help lower the cost. Gas alone is going to be around $1000, we are taking a chevy tahoe. We are very easy going, and want to have a stress free, relaxing road trip. The dates are not set in stone but we are leaving around the second week of august and only staying a max of two weeks on the road. Its probably gonna cost at least $300 a person if you wanna come. Like I said me and my friend just wanna have some fun on this trip, we'll be camping in a couple different locations as well as staying at various hotels/motels. If you want to come along or have any questions or comments feel free to email me.

    if anyone has any advice it would be appreciated too. thanks
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    Default Welcome.

    Welcome to the R.T.A. forums !

    Good luck with your trip plans and finding travel buddy's.

    If there is anything in particular you need advice on just ask.

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    I want to visit the Grand Canyon and Salt lake to see the beauty of this region. After reading this thread I think Road Trip NJ to St Louis, Phoenix, Tucson, Grand Canyon, Salt lake city will be more exciting for me to enjoy a lot of these different attractions. Who would like to help me and advice me about this road trip properly?
    Southwest Dave! Can you share the road map of this region?

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    Juliana, this post is more than 5 years old, and obviously, the original poster never returned.

    If you would like help with your own trip, it would be much easier for you to create your own thread, where you can lay out the details of what you want to do, how you want to do it, and what help you need to make it a reality.

    There are links at the top of the page to see RTA's map center, as well as links to purchase paper maps which are still an essential tool for a roadtrip.

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