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  1. Default Road Trip from Detroit, MI to Salt Lake City, UT!

    Hey folks,
    I'm leaving for Utah this coming Friday. I'm road-tripping out with my Chevy Aveo and my mother and I've never driven this far in my life.

    Anything to warn me about? I'm taking I-80 through Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming and into Utah. I know Illinois-Nebraska will be a pretty smooth journey, on the account of the flat lands... should I be OK in Wyoming and Utah? I know it gets pretty mountainy, but is the interstate pretty safe up through there?

    Just checkin!


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    Default should be fine

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You really shouldn't have any problems at all, thousands of people make trips like this every day, even in tiny little cars like the Aveo. The terrain in this part of Wyoming and Utah is relatively flat anyway, but all the interstates are built so the slopes are as gradual as they can be. Relax and have a good time!

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    Default I-80 in Wyoming and Utah

    Hello PaniEmilia,

    Just last summer I traveled the westernmost segment of I-80 from Rock Springs, WY back over to Park City, UT. It's very good going, having a few short grades and no high passes. The overall elevation is fairly high, however, so keeping an eye on the weather is important. Combinations of heavy snow and high winds will close the highway for a few hours at a time, but plowing and de-icing is as good out there as anywhere in the country. In much earlier times, I've traversed I-80 from Iowa all the way to Rawlins, WY, and recall much the same for the eastern parts of WY--high plains with no major passes.

    I'd guess headwinds and crosswinds will be your principal challenge in a small car.

    Have a safe trip.


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