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    Default Driving Seattle to NY 2cd week

    Doing a girl trip...we were all excited and planned out how far to drive etc...when a "friend" pointed out that weather might not be beautiful and clear for us...We will have chains (now) but unclear how roads will be that time of year. Front wheel drive...going straight across to Chicago then straight to NY. Anyone got tips? Weather experiance along that route? Cool MUST STOP AND SEE type things...

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    Default incomplete

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The simple fact is there is no way to know what the weather might be 2 months from now. The conditions could be perfect, or you could see a storm that is too much for even some of the best plow crew to keep up. In those cases you could see chain restrictions, but it would probably be better simply to stop and wait for conditions to improve.

    Your other questions, you simply haven't provided enough information for us to give you much help. You've said you've plotted out your stops, but you haven't said what route you are taking (there are 3 interstate routes to go to Chicago) or where those stops might be, and you haven't said what kind of time you have for this trip. You also haven't said if this is a one way or a round trip. And of course, you've asked for must sees, but you've told us nothing about what might be a must see for you. Without knowing your interests, we simply have no idea what you might enjoy.

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    Default details (so far)

    Goal...leave Seattle about noon on I90 drive thru ....prob stop Rapid City (flexible stops). Hotel that night. Head out again on 90 to Chicago friends in Racine to crash that night. Head out the next am 90 till 80, into NY.
    This is without much stops (feed, water and fertilize the teens)...about 3 1/2 day drive. We want to stop at a few fun things and realize it can stretch the drive, but this is once in a lifetime chance. We loved mt rushmore when we went thru there before. They enjoyed Custers last girls like natural stuff, quirky things and intersting/old architecture. Hit dog, pizza, a musical and lots of window shopping. Prob do boat tour around manhatten island.
    What else? What id I not think about?

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    Default no no and no

    I'm not going to beat around the bush: Your current plan is homicidal.

    There is no way you can safely do the trip like you've laid out, period. Its extremely reckless and there is absolutely no way you'd have any time to do anything resembling fun. Seattle to NYC requires a minimum of 5 very long (12+) hour days on the road, not anywhere close to 3 and a half.

    Seattle to Rapid City is 1200 miles - That's more than a 24 hour trip on the road, and is more than we generally recommend for 2 full days on the road! If you left at noon - you'd be lucky to get there by noon the next day.

    Rapid City to Racine is 900 more miles - about 17 hours on the road and far too much for one day no matter how many drivers you have! Professional drivers are forbidden by law for doing something so reckless, and for good reason.

    Racine to NY is another 900 miles and if you haven't killed anyone yet on this trip, you'll either want to kill each other or you will have killed someone else on the road after falling asleep from exhaustion.

    Seriously, your current plan is extremely reckless and a recipe for disaster. You really need to go back to the drawing board so you have a trip of a lifetime, not a nightmare you won't be able to forget if you try.

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    Default oh

    Ok..past big drives..we did straight thrus... (N of Seattle to LA 22-25 hrs..N of seattle to Missouri 36 hrs with mt rushmore stop)

    We have .2 drivers this trip too.

    Stretch drive to 5 days...better laid plans you could suggest? Like I said stops (except racine for free lodging) are fluid.

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    Default I don't think you'll find what you want here

    2 drivers makes no difference, as you still won't be able to do a true rotation, so 500-600 miles a day is still the very max of what you should be trying to do in one day. And if you've done the trips you've laid out before, then you really aren't going to get much in the way of respect on this forum. That kind of behavoir is every bit as dangerous as driving drunk, and kills thousands of people in this country each year. Just because there isn't a breath test of exhaustion, its not easy to regulate against - except for professionals who again are banned by law from doing things that are so reckless.

    If you stretched this out to 5 days, your stops would need to be near Butte MT, Rapid City, Rochester MN, and Toledo. You really can't spend the night in Racine unless you are spending another night somewhere, as it just doesn't work into this plan which is already at the top end of safe recommendations, and even this plan again requires very long days on the road where you'll only have time to make a couple short stops at places that are right along the freeway.

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    Default sites

    Any suggested stops for fun or education that are "cant miss"?

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    Default Too Much to Be Taken Seriously

    You don't seem to be paying attention, quite frankly. Even if you 'stretch' this nearly 3.000 mile drive to 5 whole days. the simple fact is that you will not have any time to see fun or educational things along the way. As Michael said, you will get very little respect for your current plans from the people here, and nothing in the way of encouragement.


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    Default Hear! Hear!!

    Twice now, I have travelled this exact route, and as Buck says, you are not reading the warnings. One can't but wonder what other warnings along the way are not being heeded.

    As has already been said, you are setting out on a foolhardy sojourn, which could end up bringing you nothing but grief! Check out this thread, and take it to heart.

    Lifey who urges you to consider other road users

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    Default more time

    working on getting more time off..I am willing spread trip out but need to know how much longer factoring in where and how often gonna stop... Would appreciate curious or interesting places on main detours ok, but not far.

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