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  1. Default HELP! Need advice on driving frm Seattle to Minneapolis in early December

    This seems to be a hopeless internet search, so I am hoping to get the advice and information I need on here. I am moving from the Seattle area to Minneapolis at the beginning of the month this December. Most people around here say that I am crazy, and I should but my car and belongings in storage, fly there and come back for my stuff in the Spring. I really dont want to do this unless I absolutely have to. Most people say that there are mountain passes that would for sure be closed at that time (I believe it's I-94 most of the way if I remember correctly from the drive here). So I guess I am wondering two things...first, is it possible to make this drive at the time I want to go? Second, if there will for sure be passes closed or it would not be safe to take the normal route of I-94, what would a longer, alternative route be? I feel desperate because I really need to know how long this trip will be (driving, how far driving or flying) and how much it will cost me so I can do the appropriate planning. Any advice and information would be so very much appreciated...

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    Clearly you are getting lots of advice from people who have never taken such a trip and don't have a freakin clue as to what they are talking about.

    Thousands of people travel across this country, even the northern tier of this country, every single day of the year. To say you can't make this trip in winter is beyond rediculous.

    Yes, this is winter and there is a chance you could see winter weather. Yes, you do have to go across a couple of mountain passes. However, the Interstate system does not shut down for the winter. I-90 (you're past the passes by the time you get to I-94) is open year round, except for during the meanest of storms. And even in those cases, its pretty darn rare for the road to be closed for more than a day. The plow crews across Montana, the Dakotas, and Minnesota are some of the best in the world, and these highways are far too important to be shutdown for long. (again because they are used by thousands every day)

    While you're worried about mountains, its worth noting that the first pass you'll come to is still in Washington State - and I bet you've got friends who have driven to Spokane at some point during the winter and at least a couple of them probably not only survived the trip, but lived long enough to make the return trip to Seattle!.

    The trip in total is about 1700 miles. If weather is good (and its reasonable to think that it probably will be) you could make the trip in 3 days, with stops around Butte, MT and Dickinson ND. But give yourself an extra day or two for the trip, just in case you find yourself traveling at a point where weather isn't completely cooperating would make some good sense too.

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