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  1. Default Driving from Seattle WA to Atlanta GA Feb 2010

    I am flying up to Seattle WA on Feb 3rd 2010 to meet up with my son and will be driving back home to Atlanta GA. Can someone give me the best route back to Atlanta, I originally planned on driving down to Las Vegas then cross over to Atlanta to avoid the possible winter storms. Also, if you have any interesting sites to visit on the way home would be great. Any advise will be appreciated. I am not in a hurry just want to get myself and my son home safely.

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    Default won't avoid them

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There's an important thing to remember about cross country travel: There is no route that is immune to Winter Storms - or even a route where you have a lower risk of seeing them. Even stretches of I-10 through Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona have been closed this winter because of bad weather, and that's not uncommon at all. Plus, if you're heading south through California, you've got several more mountain ranges that can and do see storms that you'd have to worry about.

    Its also worth noting, that there really is no way that I can think of where Las Vegas would be on a logical Interstate route without adding at least 100 extra out-of-the-way miles to your trip.

    Since there is no way to know what the weather will be a month from now, I'd strongly recommend planning to take the most direct way possible. That will put you on the road for the least amount of time, and thus truely be your lowest chance of seeing bad weather. In this case, its either I-90 across to eastern South Dakota, or down I-84 to Utah and across I-80 through Nebraska. In either case from there, you'd get on I-29 to Kansas City and then work east through St. Louis, and Nashville to Atlanta.

    Since those two options (I-90 or I-80) are roughly the same distance, I would look at the forecasts just before you leave and determine which of those two options looks to have the best weather for your specific trip. They are both about 2700 miles and you should plan for this trip to take at least 5, if not 6, days.

    In the worst case with those routes, you'd hit a storm where you might have to sit and wait another day, but if you go down to California first, you're adding at least 500 more miles -which is a full extra day on the road all by itself- and could still very well see a storm that causes your trip to be delayed.

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