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  1. Default Driving from Seattle to Macon, Georgia

    Hi All,
    I just found this wonderful site. I am moving to Georgia from Seattle with a 26 ft Penske truck and following behind in a Ford Explorer. What route is the best to take? How long should it take? How much for fuel? I am leaving in 2 weeks. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

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    Barring unique weather conditions, the best route is the shortest. This is a 2750 mile drive, it will take you at least 5 full days of driving, this is defined as 8 hours with no stops, no traffic, no delays whatsoever, driving at the speed limit. In reality, you will be on the road at least 10 hours or more.

    I-90 to I-82 to I-84 to I-80. At Lincoln, NE, take NE-2 to I-29. Take I-435 around the NE side of KC, take I-70 to STL. Take I-270 around the N side of STL to I-255, take that to I-64. Take I-64 to I-57 to I-24 to I-75 to Atlanta, take I-285 around the W side of ATL back to I-75 to Macon.

    Plan on overnight stops at or near the following:

    Mountain Home, ID
    Rawlins, WY
    Lincoln, NE
    Marion, IL

    My son in law has rented Penskes several times - he says the majority of them that size are diesels, but some are gas. He says expect 10 mpg in a diesel and 6 mpg in a gas truck on the highway driving at the speed limit. I'm guessing the Explorer will get around 20 mpg driving the same way. Figuring regular grade gas at $1.75 and diesel at $2.75, here's a rough breakdown:

    Diesel truck: $750
    Gas truck: $800
    Explorer: $250

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