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  1. Default WEATHER concerns for cross-country road trip in October/November

    We are planning to make a cross-country road trip from California to the East Coast sometime before the end of the year, most likely starting late October/early November. We have not determined exactly when we should start the trip yet. The route will also depend on the weather, but we would be willing to take the southern or northern route, or even zig-zaggy. We would hate to be rained or snowed on or weather-stranded during the trip. Does anyone who is a seasoned cross-country traveller or locals of the snowy northern states or Rocky Mountain States have any tidbits of wisdom to give me? Basically, I am looking for any areas and times of year to avoid when doing a cross-country. Thanks so much for your advice!

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    Nowhere is immune from a winter storm and it is to early to start to do weather predictions but by keeping your options open untill nearer the time will give an indication of what to expect and then make an informed decision. You don't say if you are touring or just getting from A to B as quickly as possible but we generally recommend 5 or 6 days to get across country and if you can give yourself a week it would be a little more relaxed. Interstates are the main priority to keep clear and open as goods and people travel them daily and by choosing a more direct route rather than zig zagging, you are reducing the amount of driving time and therefor the risk of meeting bad weather.

    We would hate to be rained or snowed on or weather-stranded during the trip.
    You might get rained or snowed on, possibly delayed for a few hours and having to pull off the road, but It's very unlikely you will become stranded.
    [Common sense prevailing ! Lol.]
    Just keep up to date with current conditions by way of the weather channel or local radio etc and you will be fine, who knows it could be sunshine all the way !

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    Default Risk assessment


    I am of the opinion that each mile you add to a trip in an attempt to escape weather produces a risk element in excess of the risks you're trying to avoid. The only miles I tend to add are those avoiding large cities and their urban/suburban congestion and long congested industrial corridors, where I believe the traffic volume adds risks greater than some extra miles of more rural Interstate, and where the time saved by higher average speed travel over the stop-and-roll of an urban area.

    I'd plan the most direct route, keep an eye on the online or TV forecasts ahead of your route, and react with diversions only in the event of a freak blizzard.


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