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    I'm planning a 2 week road trip next Summer with my wife & 2 kids (11&7). Our trip is flexible but my current plans are:

    * Fly to LA
    * LA (3 days incl Disney)
    * LA to Phoenix/Scottsdale (3 days)
    * Phoenix to Sedona (1 night)
    * Sedona to GC (1 or 2 nights)
    * GC to Bryce NP (1 night)
    * Bryce to Zion NP (1 night)
    * Vegas (3 nights) Fly from Vegas

    I appreciate that there is alot of excellent information already on this site re: Western road trips. However, we've done a road trip from LV to San Francisco via Death Valley, Yosemite, Gold Country, Nappa with side trips to Monterey/Carmel. We've also done a 2 week coach tour from LA-Palm Springs-GC/Hoover Dam-LV-Lake Tahoe-Yosemite-SF-Big Sur-LA. Therefore, I'm looking for a trip that doesn't involve SF/Yosemite & ideally starting from LA (to keep kids happy re: Disneyland). We probably only need 2 nights in LV.

    My wife's remit is some luxury resorts with Spas. My wife enjoyed Nappa & had planned a "Sideways" tour (thinking it was in Nappa!) so a detour to Sideways area near Solvang etc from LA could be possible (Day 4) but it may be out of the way to be followed by a long journey to Phoenix. My kids are happy with theme park, water parks, swimming pools but they also appreciate other things to do eg maybe Rawhide, mule trip in Zion, off road tour, etc.

    We've never been to Phoenix & my only reason for visiting was to stay at one of the luxury resorts in Scottsdale, an off road tour, etc but I'd appreciate any comments whether I would be better travelling direct to GC area from LA (staying at Sedona). An alternative would be to drive from LA to Santa Ynez/Solvang - Cambria - then to LV with a subsequent loop of GC....Monument Valley---Bryce/Zion back to LV. We can fly out of LV or Phoenix. However, my concern is that this may be too much scenery for the kids (although they enjoyed 3 day trip via Death Valley, Yosemite, etc).

    Any input would be much appreciated! thanks Bob

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    Default Decisions, decisions !

    There is a certainly a lot to choose from, Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I think your trip looks in good shape and has a relaxed pace but I guess it's down to you and the family to find the things that most suit your needs as there is no one "best" answer. If you are looking to stay in Scottsdale at a luxury resort and you have found one that suits the bill then go for it. Perhaps something like a stop at Joshua tree on the way to Phoenix would be an option, Although I have never been there, 29 palms inn is a popular resort.
    I would definitely try and stay in or around GC for a couple of nights as your travel time from Sedona and onto Bryce will only leave you a short time at the canyon. Between Phoenix and Sedona is Red rock state park that you might consider worthy of a visit.

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