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    Hi everyone. I would greatly appreciate some suggestions on cool places, restaraunts, stop offs, etc. for my cross country move. My best friend and I are doing this (traveling light as I am shipping everything in boxes) and want to make a road trip out of this move. Here is a tentative plan ... what'd I'd like to know are suggestions for each leg of the trip of must sees, scenic routes, restaraunts, shops, etc. We are a couple of fun girls looking to have a great time on this move.

    Between Baltimore and Indianapolis ...

    Between Indianapolis and Kansas City ...

    Between Kansas City and Denver/Salt Lake City (depending on if there is really anything to see over this part - I have been through the mountains of Vail, etc. many times so no need to suggest that)

    Between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles ...

    Any suggestions would be really appreciated. Thanks so much and happy travels to everyone!!

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    Default If a Leg is a Day

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Then you really don't have time to see much of anything other than the roadside. You've listed 5 legs that look very much like you plan to stop in or near the listed cities each successive night. If that is the case, then you're going to be trying to cover 500-600 miles each of your 5 days. That is, in itself, a full day. You simply won't have time to go wandering off the highway to follow scenic routes or to see cool places or stop offs. The one thing you can do to break up the monotony of the Interstates (the only roads that will get you to L.A. in 5 days) is to head into smaller to medium sized cities for meal breaks at local restaurants that will offer a welcome change of pace from the exit ramp fast food joints. Also take the time to walk around a bit to get some exercise and clear your mind.

    If you are going to have more time, speak up, but otherwise I would urge you to focus on the serious job you have ahead of you.


  3. Default Gracias ...

    Thank you so much for the reply ... I guess I should have mentioned that the "legs" of my trip are a super rough draft depending on what there IS to see in between each area ... my time is completely flexible ... I can take as little or as much time as I want ... I just wondered what some interesting places to see/check out/eat at were between here and LA on the route that I am taking (we definitely need to go through Salt Lake City, because we are both from there and want to visit friends) and then my girlfriend and I will map out where exactly we should stop, how far we will go each day, etc.

    Basically, the route I will be taking is from Baltimore to Salt Lake City (in however many days).

    Thanks again, and I hope this will generate some responses with suggestions.

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    Default Alrighty Then

    The 'regulars' around here (and that can include anybody willing to share their knowledge and experience) like to make sure that people who are setting out on a trek the size of your know what they're getting themselves into. You'd be surprised how many people just look up how long such a trip should take on MapQuest or similar free on-line software, and believe the estimate of about 42 hours! But you seem to have your head firmly planted on your shoulders and can take a more flexible approach to scheduling, so here a few things to think about in your planning.

    If you'll be moving semi-permanently, take this last chance to see some of the stuff in the East you'd always promised yourself you'd get to but never quite managed. Rather than just blasting through the Appalachians on I-70 to Indianapolis, consider savoring them one last time and start out by heading southwest on I-81 from Hagerstown or Front Royal through the Shenandoah Valley with occasional sidesteps to the west to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway. Then you could turn west, using I-64 through West Virginia and Kentucky to Blue Grass country around Lexington and on to Bowling Green and Mammoth Cave and on to St. Louis.

    Then it's another area that tends to get short shrift, the Plains. I once asked the attendant at the Kansas Welcome Center near Kansas City what the most frequent quest was that he got asked, and he said: "How long to get to Denver?" Take the time to explore some of the more subtle attributes of Kansas as you make your way to Denver. It will break up what others see only as monotony and, again, you don't know when you'll be passing this way again. Between Denver and Salt Lake City be sure to visit Rocky Mountain National Park and the nearby Stanley Hotel (the inspiration for "The Shining"). Then, as you cross southern Wyoming, if you're interested in geology at all head down through Flaming Gorge.

    Your friends will have more than enough for you to do in Salt Lake City I'm sure. On the drive from there to L.A. you'll be passing right by some of the most scenic National Parks, including Bryce Canyon and Zion, as well as going right through Las Vegas. All of the above is just one set of possibilities. You'll be crossing an entire continent and there's more than enough to see. If you have special interests (history, geology, gardens, art, etc) you could even build your trip around that.


  5. Default great ideas ...

    Thank you so much again. Yes, we are completely flexible. It all depends on whether I have a job waiting for me and a start date or not ... if not, we are taking our time.

    All your ideas are really great... I have actually seen a lot of the national parks etc (especially from Ohio to the West) ... The Stanley hotel idea is superb and if anyone knows of other little interesting spots like that between NYC and LA, I'd love to hear about them ... I have been searching the internet for just that kind of thing ... famous little restaraunts, interesting places to see (like the hotel which inspired the Shining).

    We are both actresses and I also model ... we love nature, but I prefer nature when it's green and lush, so the parks (other than moab arches, etc) won't be something I want to do at this time of year. I used to live right by Flaming Gorge in Utah and LOVE stuff like that. I love waterfalls and dramatic pieces of landscape.

    With these additional things in mind, any further suggestions are very welcome and again, I thank you VERY MUCH for your help.

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    Default Locations

    You can, of course, visit movie locations all across America. There's one within a block of my home in fact. For burgers in the midwest, try the local institution, Steak 'n Shake, which does have healthier items on the menu as well. Then in Kansas City be sure to sample one of the competing rib joints.


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    Default One Great Interstate Drive

    I prefer the two lane roads, but that stretch of I-70 from west of Denver to Utah is one of the great drives in the land.

    Mighty impressive stuff.

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