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    Default Cross country road trip '10

    My two closest friends and I are currently planning a cross country road trip for the summer of 2010. We would like to leave Boston, MA early summer and make our way across the country, stopping at several cities to visit family and friends and see many places along the way before we get to our main destination: Montana, where we plan to stay with family friends and camp for about a week.

    We hope to drive my Volvo V70. It is in great condition, but it is about 10 years old. I am aware of major risks with old cars driving cross country, but does anyone have any suggestions/advice? As long as it is in good condition and we have the proper safety tools in case of problems, would it manage to drive well across the country?

    And also, if the car doesn't end up working out, does anyone have any experience taking a bus or train across the country?

    Thanks so much!

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    My only experience with Amtrak was the Empire Builder, from Glacier NP to Chicago. Very, very comfortable and affordable. (But then, I was concussed after an accident.) Spectacular scenery. And my photos through the glass are unbelievable.......

    But there ain't nuttin' like being in a car! Being able to stop where and when y ou want.

    When I was relocating cars, I drove many vehicles from coast to coast and border to border, and many of these were much more than a decade old. So long as it is in good condition, and get it checked over before you leave, you have the basic tools and a good spare.

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    alright, thanks so much!

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    Default Well...

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    ...we're not Click and Clack and we can't examine your car, so we really can't tell you whether it's up to the trip or not. The best standard advice in such a case is twofold. First, find a good local mechanic that you can trust and have him/her check out your car thoroughly with an eye to what you have in mind. Second, have a reasonable reserve in cash or credit line that you think will be sufficient to repair any probable breakdown or get you home by alternate transportation from the farthest point of your trip. It's been many years since I've taken bus or train cross country, but I have done so. The problem with busses is that they tend to stop in many small towns along the way and thus can take quite a number of days to cover significant ground, and trains run to only a very limited number of cities. If you really have doubts about the ability of your car to complete the trip, make sure you at least know what it would cost, or even if it would be possible, to get home from your destination by one of those means.


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