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  1. Default Fort Worth to Las Vegas to Wedded Bliss!

    Hi all!

    I have been cruising around the forum and have read some really great suggestions so far! Me and my Fiance would have about 12 days for this road trip. The destination is Fort Worth to Las Vegas- where we are thinking about getting hitched!!! WOOOO! We have been thinking about going in November (cheap hotels!) but could really go any time Oct-Dec.

    Problem is we don't have much experience with roadtrips, and are not sure what we could see in 12 days. So I really need some realistic thoughts on travel times. The most direct route said it would be about an 18 hour drive time, so I was figuring that would be about 2 days each way - with stops and a stay at a hotel - is that accurate? Our thoughts thus far are maybe adding a destination either there or on the way back. One of the following: Roswell, Colorado, CA, or maybe the Grand Canyon. We like a bit of everything, so I know I'm not giving you much to go by, but would like some suggestions on what everyone else would do if they were on a route from Texas to Vegas?

    And also any tips on romantic spots from here to there ;) and does anyone know of any great vegetarian restaurants anywhere from here to Vegas? Thought it couldn't hurt to ask!

    THANKS to anyone that responds!

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    While the online mapping sites may say 18 hours, that is for perfect conditions at the ideal speed, something that almost never happens in reality, given construction, accidents, etc. Still, even a 20% buffer puts you only at 22 hours, or 11 hours each day. That's a pretty long day behind the wheel. Certainly not impossible, but ultimately depending on the driver's tolerance.

    The Grand Canyon is certainly within the realm of feasibility. Even if you took 3 days out and 3 back, you'd have 6 to play with. The Grand Canyon is very close to your route, and is certainly a romantic place to visit.

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    Thanks for the advice!

    Does anyone happen to know if taking I-40W or I-10W (ft worth - Las Vegas) is best? Best as far as scenery or traffic, or any advice at all?

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    I would take 287 out of FTW to Amarillo and pick up I-40. Maybe you could take I-10/I-20 on the return trip.

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