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    Hi! My husband and I are DESPERATE to get out of the rain. We were thinking about a road trip in our RV from Southern OR to Phoenix or around there, then on to Fort Worth TX. (our daughter lives there) We have approx a month to toddle around. ANY help or cool suggestions will be welcome. We want to have fun AND be warm! Thanks, Ronda

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Are you looking to travel along the coast at all?
    Do you want to see the National Parks along the way?

    With a month for a timeframe you have a lot going for you.
    Since you're wanting to stay warm, how about a stop at Death Valley on the way to Phoenix? You could also spend some time exploring the Sonoran desert in Southern Arizona.

    Are you looking to avoid the big cities other than those that you've mentioned? You could head over to Los Angeles and San Diego. I would imagine they would be warmer than what you're getting right now!

    Another option in Texas would be Big Bend National Park.

    After scraping ice this morning and again this afternoon, I understand your desire for warm weather!

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