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    Default Is it worth the drive - one day SF to Vegas

    I am planning a trip to Vegas in Feb. I can either fly directly there or drive with a friend from San Francisco. Is it worth taking the day to drive in the winter from SF to Vegas? Note: I've never been to that part of the country before.

  2. Default Almost always

    Your question puzzles me -- I'm not sure what you mean "is it worth it?" Do you mean scenery-wise? In my opinion, ANY road trip is a good one, dirt road, white line, day or night, especially if it gives you some time to spend with a friend. I'm thinking if you have to ask that question, then perhaps you'd be happier on the plane.

    The fastest route will be down the Valley and across through Barstow and back up to Las Vegas -- it will be a long day anyway you look at it -- Rand McNally says 9:30 driving time. (Editor Mark can probably verify that or give you a better estimate). Given a choice, this is NOT the route I'd want to take unless time was the only consideration -- it's not bad -- but in my opinion US50 to US395 and the connecting highways to and through Nevada are more beautiful. That would add lots of time to your trip though, making it an overnighter somewhere along the way.

    If I had a choice of driving the fast route or flying, it would still be driving for me if there were no other factors. I only fly when time requires it. Bob

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