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    Default Fort Worth to Vegas Where to Stop and Eat

    Hey, Hey, Hey!

    We are traveling to Lost Wages in August going through Midland, TX and El Paso picking up I-10 there; we are looking for good places to eat and good rest areas to switch drivers. Got any ideas that might help?
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    Default Restaurant Recommendations

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There are nearly a million restaurants in the United States, so I'm always chagrined when someone asks for recommendations for specific ones in unnamed locations along random highways. It's just not within the realm of possibility. Even if I knew where you were going to be hungry, something I suspect even you don't know, I would be hard pressed to know what type of restaurant you liked, what you'd be willing to pay, how long you had for your meal, and a host of other variables. A few years ago, I did a trip through the same part of Texas and on through the South and up the coast to New England. I tried to thoroughly research places to eat and had picked out one or two particularly intriguing stops for each day of the trip. It turned out that only two of the places I wad picked out were even open, and only one of them was worth the effort it had taken to find. So I will tell you what I do now. When I get hungry, I look for a town with a population in the 5,000 to 10,000 range, drive in and ask around. I do just as well that way as I ever did by trying to research ahead of time.

    More to the point, I get the impression from your post that you don't plan on stopping anywhere along the drive. That would be a dangerous mistake. At 1,330 miles, this is a drive that should be done over 2½ days with two good nights' sleep. If you plan to try to drive straight through with time outs just to eat and change drivers, you will be setting yourselves up for a very exhausting and ultimately unsafe trip.


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    Default Heres the scoop!

    Ok azbuck here we go!

    The trip if we drive straight through will taKe about 22 hours, not counting gas stops or eating stops. I know Texas stops but nothing on New Mexico or Arizona stops, nothing expensive or native to texas. I'm looing for something that says i've been somewhere else other than Texas, something off I-10 that keeps me rolling to lost wages!

    Heres an example, Whataburger resturant is only in Texas so if you would take i-20 through Texas and wanted a Texas hamburger joint this would be one of my recommendations. Example #2 in Baker, CA they have Bob's Big Boy, well in Texas we have Kip's Big Boy but we don't have the largest thermometer, so this place would interest me heading to la from Vegas!

    I hope this gives you an idea of what i'm kinda looking for, help if you can !

    billy d

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    Default even less

    While I generally agree with Buck's comments that generic answers to food questions are really really tough, but your responses have me even more confused. The places you've listed are not one of a kind locations. Bob's Big Boy has locations throughout the country, the one in Baker isn't even the first of the franchise, and Whataburger, while started in Texas, can be found in every southern state from Florida and Georgia to Arizona.

    I will also agree with Buck that your plan to drive straight from Fort Worth to Vegas straight through is foolish, and quite frankly dangerous. What's even more puzzling is that you would try to make this drive by going all the way down to Midland and El Paso, which adds 150 miles from the more direct route via Amarillo and I-40.

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    Default Diners, Drive Ins and Dives

    Hey Midwest Michael,

    Thanks for the response and thanks for the help! Here is maybe a better way to say what I'm looking for which may not help at all but I'll try it just as well.

    You mention Amarillo, TX. and if you been there there is not much to see or do, but if you made a stop there or wanted to eat there where would you recommend? I would suggest The Big Texan Steakhouse, this place says Yexas (beef) it is a one of a kind place and the maybe you'll see someone eat that 72 oz. steak in an hour. Now if you are a wrestling fan I would suggest seeing the Funk's ranch which is a landmark in Amarillo, these are things people passing through or never been in Texas might not know about!

    I guess what I'm looking for as far as stops goes is places that say "remember me" or if someone says that town I can say "I've eaten at ___" The drive to Vegas is an once a year event for us so the drive is no problem, it just not our normal route to get there. Thanks for the help and I hope I didn't confuse you more!

    Billy D

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    Default Understood

    Yes, I knew what you meant when you asked for restaurant recommendations. My point was that there is absolutely no way that the few people who typically respond with help here are going to be able to offer meaningful suggestions from among the million or so restaurants in America. We do not know where you will be when it's meal time or what you would consider a worthwhile place to stop. I know some great restaurants in Wilmington, DE which are of precious little use to you. I have driven the route you'll be covering exactly once and I ended up eating in chain restaurants because the places I had researched so diligently were either out of business or clearly not up to their on-line reputations. I will give you my standard advice and the practice that has served me well: Inquire locally. Get out of the car, walk the streets or at least stop at the visitor centers, ask the local people where they eat or would eat if they were after the kind of experience you want. One specific: If you think that a place like The Big Texan Steakhouse is worth a visit, then the equivalent in Tucson is Pinnacle Peak. For the full effect, wear a tie that you don't mind losing.


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    Default Now your talking!


    Now you see where I'm going, this is not about me it's about your experiences on that stretch of I-10 and where you stop and ate or what to look for along the way to Vegas. I put all the recommendation together do my own research and make my choices from that; maybe you know a Italian resturant you think is worth stopping so tell me , but somebody else may say a Bar-B-Q place thats good,; to me it's all about choices and the memories that come from them.

    Lets say you know a good breakfast place in Phoenix, It might be dinner time when I get there or it may be 6am and I can have breakfast, I'm just looking at what other people did that travel that route so I'll have an idea what maybe I shouldn't miss if I never make it back there again.

    How about this lets say your headed through Austin,TX on I-35, I would tell you to look for The Captial, UT, and the Brazos River, these are all off I-35 and you pass them as your driving. Now you may want to stop and eat Mexican Food, I would suggest another hour and a half drive to San Antonio,TX and a resturant on the River Walk or a great resturant in San Marcos,TX. 45 minutes from Austin,TX.

    Now you have choices and experiences from real people that have really been there. (I hope LOL) The major cities we are hitting are Las Cruces NM., Tucson,AZ., and Phoenix,AZ. I know nothing about anything else along the way. Hey there is a a steakhouse in Texas that does the same tie cutting deal Trail Dust Steakhouse! I put Pinnacle Peak on my if I'm in Tucson and want a good steak list :-) AzBuck thanks so much for your time and your advice, your experiences will be most helpful and I really value your knowledge!

    Thanks Again,

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