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  1. Default Miami to Seattle in 4 weeks

    I'm from the Netherlands.
    I'm planning a one-way trip from Miami to Seattle in August by rental car.
    Does a four week trip offer enough time to enjoy and do sightseeing?
    Only one driver.

    My rough intinery I-40W; Georgia; Alabama; Oklahoma; New Mexico; Utah; Yellowstone; Seattle

    Is this the most scenic route or should I consider the more nothern routes like I-80W and/or I-90W?

    Are there any rental companies that don't charge a drop off fee when returning the car after a one-way trip?

    What are the driving regulations about 16 year old kids without a licence? In some countries (NZ, Australia) these kids are allowed to drive when supervised by an adult.

    thanks a lot,
    Frits Heshusius

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    4 weeks is more than enough time to see a lot of things going across the country. Rather than lock yourself into a specific route, you have the luxury to do some "wandering". I would do some independent research to decide what places you might want to visit, and plan a route accordingly.

    I highly doubt that you can find a rental with no dropoff fee, and sorry, nobody can drive a car without a license, or learner's permit issued by the state that you are in. Also, nobody can drive a rental car except the renter and other listed alternate drivers, who must be 21 or older. Drivers under 25 will require a hefty daily surcharge.

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    Default Research

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    First off, I am afraid a rental company will not allow an unqualified 16 year old to drive one of there vehicles, [or qualified for that matter] no matter what the law is.
    It is normal for all car rental companies to charge the one way fee but you would be better off searching for the best deal to suit your needs as they are constantly changing. Four weeks is a nice amount of time to cross the country and there is no one "best route" and there are many variations on the main routes to consider. I think at this stage you will be better off getting the map out and finding the places you "must see" and not other peoples "must see's" and see how you can build your trip around them. Get the map out and look through the forums and road trip planning pages using the search button and you will find thousands of ideas and when you have a better idea of the things you would like to see let us know and we can help you to piece it all together.

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