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    Default From LA to Miami in 2 weeks????

    Dear all,

    I am planning to visit the first time USA and I would like to make a trip with my girlfriend from LA to Miami in two weeks. We would like to rent a mobilhome and visit some national parks. Please cann you give me some informations if it is possible to make this trip in two weeks, how long is the distance, which parks should we visit (your opinions) etc?
    Is the price 1800 USD for rent a motorhome for two weeks OK? How is it with the costs for fuel?

    Thank you very much for your help and I wish you all the best


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    Default 2 weeks

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    2 weeks is enough time to make the trek across country, with time for a pretty good amount of siteseeing. I'm not sure exactly of pricing for RV rentals, but I would strongly suggest checking out our How to Rent an RV article that you can find with many other helpful articles in the planning section of this website. I'd estimate that your fuel costs alone would range somewhere between $1500 and $2000, depending upon the size of the RV, how far off the direct path you go, and the actual cost of fuel at the time of your trip.

    As far as which parks etc to visit, I think I'd recommend just starting with a good map of the US, perhaps the national parks service website, and start looking at places you find interesting. Its simply a case of their being so many good options, I'd hate to start throwing out names without knowing what things you are interested in seeing.

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    Default Look out for extra charges.

    Quote Originally Posted by gordon View Post
    Dear all,

    Is the price 1800 USD for rent a motorhome for two weeks OK? How is it with the costs for fuel?

    Thank you very much for your help and I wish you all the best

    Hello and welcome.

    That seems to me to be a very good quote but have you looked and checked if there are extra charges, that most company's use, to find the true cost?

    Those normally associated are as follows :

    1] Preparation and cleaning fees.

    2] Extra insurance cover. [Optional,but reduces your liability charge in case of an accident from something like $3000 to $500 for each one, they do vary.

    3] Extra mileage. Most companies give a max amount of miles per day,anything over this is chargeable.

    4] Kitchen, bathroom and bedding kits if needed.

    I found the cheaper the base rate was the higher the extra charges so do your homework to get the best deal.
    The preparation and mileage fees can soon add up making your overall cost much higher than you first thought, as with the extra insurance cover that gives you piece of mind if it got damaged in anyway.

    Fuel costs will be quite high and the best way to calculate this would be to expect around 10 mpg from a 'class c' Motor home.

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