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  1. Default Seattle to Los Angeles in 3 weeks.


    We are a couple in our twenties taking a road trip starting at the end of May for 3 weeks (20 full days).
    We are flying from London into Seattle, hiring a car and planning to drive along Route 1, finally flying home from Los Angeles.

    We have a rough outline of where we want to go, but would like to know if it is realistic for the amount of time we have.

    Also, do you think we are we missing out on anywhere in particular?
    We are still quite vague on several areas.
    Here is our rough plan:

    Day 1 - Arrive in Seattle (evening)
    Day 3 - Leave Seattle for Portland.
    Day 5 - Leave Portland
    Day 5/6 - Redwood National Park? Any other areas you would suggest?
    Day 7 - Arrive San Francisco
    Day 10 - Leave San Francisco
    Day 10/11/12 - Big Sur? Carmel? Santa Barbara? Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks, Yosemite? (Not all of this but we are unsure what to see).
    Day 13/14 - Los Angeles
    Day 15 - Las Vegas
    Day 17 - Grand Canyon
    Day 18 - Back to LA
    Day 19/20 - San Diego?
    Day 21 - Fly home from LA.

    We have a problem here - we want to complete the drive to LA but are we wasting our time driving from LA to Las Vegas/ Grand Canyon then back again? Should we drive towards Grand Canyon from further up the coast?

    Any information you could give us would be really appreciated.

    Thanks very much!

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    Default So many options !

    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A. forums !

    You certainly have a nice amount of time to cover the ground for this trip and you have many options. I think you would be better off having a good look at the map and searching the forums and research places that interest you and to familiarise yourself. Mount Rainier NP and Mount St Helen are two options around Seattle to Portland.
    I think you would be better off leaving LA untill the end of your trip and head to Vegas and GC first and then to San Diego [?]. Cambria or Morro Bay would be a good place to start moving away from the coast, heading for Paso Robles and the 46. Although an alternative would be to head from Monterey/ Carmel to Yosemite and over the Tioga pass [the 120] and through Death valley to Vegas.
    Here are some links to help you get started;
    West coast covering Seattle to San Fran
    and and down to LA and this list has many ideas for Yosemite, Vegas and coast. Each one has links to more info so have a good read and as and when you have more questions just ask.

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    Default A Great Twofer

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Two of the most frequently discussed RoadTrips on these forums are the Pacific Northwest and the San Francisco/Las Vegas/Los Angeles triangle. Certainly 3 weeks or so is enough to do both, but you will have to keep one eye on the calendar as you proceed through your trip. If it's not too late to modify your plans, it might work better to return to the Netherlands from San Francisco rather than Los Angeles so that you can make the complete loop from there through Yosemite, Las Vegas and Los Angeles and back to San Francisco without having to retrace your steps anywhere. But if you already have your tickets from L.A., you can make the drive from San Francisco in a day if you just use I-5 rather than the Pacific Coast Highway (CA-1).


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