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    Default Seattle to Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and then LA in two weeks


    I'm flying into Seattle from New Zealand on at the beginning of July and after a few days there I was hoping to take my family down to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and then we fly out of LA.
    We hope to leave Seattle on the 3rd or 4th July and we have to be in LA on the 13 July to catch our flight back home.
    Is this trip possible and reading other posts it seems like it would take about 4 to 5 days to go from Seattle to the Grand Canyon and then we would spend maybe a day or so then back to Vegas for a couple of days. Then a day? to drive back to LA.

    Is this feasibile or should I move my flight back home a day or so - as the family want to go to Disneyland as well.

    On the trip from Seattle to Grand Canyon are there many motels / hotels to stay at on the way there and I guess there are quite a few good side trips to make on the way there.

    Any pointers most gratefully recieved as I haven't driven in the US for about 15 years when I did a road trip from LA to San Deigo

    Thanks in advance


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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    With 4 or 5 days to cover the 1360 odd miles from Seattle to GC south rim it will be quite a relaxed pace. I would recommend a couple of days at the Grand canyon, where you can choose from the North or the South rim. The North rim is the quieter of the two but has less facilities and not so many views of the canyon as the South rim, which is the reason it has more visitors and in turn makes the North rim more enjoyable for some. You can certainly travel from Vegas to LA same day fairly comfortably. Hotels won't be a problem and if you come through Salt lake city on I-15 and are making good progress I would highly recommend a visit to Zion NPand stay in the town of Springdale and possibly even Bryce canyon, both are fantastic !

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    Thanks for the quick reply - I'll take it on board and read some more threads and build up a proposed route and post that and when we've done it let you know how we went.
    Zion and Byrce Canyon look like neat places so I'll see if we can get these onto the list of sights to see.


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