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    What an awesome site! My girlfriend and I are taking a west-bound road trip starting in South Carolina. We leave in late June and neither of us have been to the west coast. With so many routes available we want to make the right choice and get to see as many points of interest as possible.

    Does anyone have advice on which interstate would be most scenic between I-40, I-10 or I-20? We would like to travel somewhat quickly as we only have nine days to complete the trip. Any information would be greatly appreciated!


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    Default just one way

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Is the 9 days available for a one way trip? Or do you have to factor in time to come back too? Even traveling quickly, you're looking at a solid 5 days of just driving to get to the west coast.

    As far as which route to take, I wouldn't say that any of those is better than the others, but there certainly are differences. The better question is what do you hope to see along the way? That's going to do a lot more than just randomly picking between a couple of highways.

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    Where on the west coast do you want to wind up?

    Strictly from a scenery standpoint, I'd lean toward I-40.

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