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  1. Default East to west across mid america tomorrow, route advice

    Hi all, I've been looking around the net for a few hours and i can't seem to find anything really current that pertains to my situation. I'm moving from Buffalo NY to Colorado springs on monday afternoon (12-15-08). there is basically a huge winter storm coming across the states as we all know and the freeze goes all the way down to the southern states.

    Now i don't really have the option of postponing my trip, so i'm gonna have to suck it up and deal with the weather. With that in mind, which road will be better to travel on, I-80 or I-70.

    I will be driving a front wheel drive car, well maintained with all season tires (pressures checked), i will be driving solo with the car heavily packed. I know 80 is a toll road, and the toll doesn't bother me, it actually makes me think that the road will be better maintained in snowstorm. but it's farther north, and my GF recently drove on part of I-80 in nebraska and experienced bumper to bumper traffic due to construction, and i think that combined with winter weather and extreme cold, that I-70 might be better...

    Anyone have any thoughts or opinions on this? Sights and scenic things are irrelevant to me as i'll be stopping only to sleep and combat fatigue.

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    Hello and welcome to the R.T.A. forums,

    I can only suggest to keep an eye on the weather and see what's going on with up to date forecasts.
    The most direct route would appear to be to cut down to Columbus and the I-70 all the way to US 24 into Colorado Springs so that's the way I would be looking to go.
    Being around a 1580 mile journey it would be wise to expect a journey that will take you into day 3 to arrive. All Interstates are a priority to keep the country moving so hopefully you won't see much delay [if any].

    Have a safe journey.

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    I just looked closely at the forecast - Monday's forecast will be rain till you get to western Ohio. From there, it looks like mixed rain, snow, and ice all the way across Indiana, then clear the rest of the way.

    Tuesday looks pretty grim. Visualize a line across the middle of NE, MO, IL, IN, and OH, and north of that line is all snow. South of that line is ice.

    Wednesday looks pretty good from western IN all the way to eastern CO.

    When do you HAVE to be in Colorado Springs?

    Playing a guessing game here, but I think I'd take 80 to the Chicago area Monday. In good weather, that's only about 8 hours NOT including stops, it's about 550 miles. My advice is find a reasonably priced hotel somewhere west a bit farther on 80, Morris or Peru/La Salle are good choices, if you feel up to it, you could try to make the Quad Cities. Get as far as you can without exhausting yourself, and if the snow starts, it's only going to get worse, find a hotel.

    I would plan on holing up in that hotel till Wednesday morning, then completing your trip. Tuesday just looks terrible all the way across.

    Conditions and forecasts can change, my source is, I use the map room and the weekly planner.

    EDIT: Dave, I don't think I'd take 70 in this particular situation - it's a lot easier to drive in snow than in ice. Also, they do a heck of a job on the Ohio and Indiana toll roads keeping them clear. They have dedicated plow, salt, and sand trucks.

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    so you guys are basically saying to not even bothering to travel on tuesday, or if i do, don't expect to get very far.

    snow i can deal with, i've lived in New Hampshire and Buffalo, so i'm very used to driving in it, and know my car's limits and my limits in it.

    but we all know that ice is ice, and it sucks....

    i just saw what you said about I-80 and it's dedicated road crews. I know any interstate will have dedicated road crews, i just thought that since I-80 was a toll road, their crew would be just *that* much better. and if i can stay north and just drive in snow, well then i'm a happy camper. once the roads begin to ice up, i'll just take a 2 or 3 hour nap, let the salt and sand crews do their job, then get back out when it's just pure snow.

    EDIT: my arrival date is flexible, but my departure date is firm (early afternoon monday).

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    just reviewed using NOAA, looks like the freeze will hit around cleavland, then staying on 80 should be fine, just really really cold (like highs around 10 and lows around -3). guess it's time to take my car to the dealer and make sure my antifreeze it good down to -10 or so.

    And to anyone else reading this, Pack a candle in your car in an acessable spot (and a way to light it), they give off a suprizing amount of heat and can make a huge difference in a breakdown situation in the cold. and make sure you can get to your jacket, gloves, hat and enough warm clothes to be outside in the conditions you will be driving though.

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    Default Weather updates

    Quote Originally Posted by glc View Post
    EDIT: Dave, I don't think I'd take 70 in this particular situation - it's a lot easier to drive in snow than in ice.
    I certainly agree that given the choice [and no other] I would take the snow

    As I previously said, I think you will have to see how it unfolds and keep up dating the forecasts. At least it makes it easier not having a set time for arrival and you can adapt your journey accordingly.
    You can also use the weather channel [severe weather up dates] on a laptop, if you have one with you when travelling, or from the T.V of your Motel room.

    Have a safe journey.

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