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    Hello all,

    I'm planning on taking a road trip to USA before i start university. There will be three of us, we'll all be 21. I'm not too sure when yet though. I'm free up to September, what would be the best time to go? i want to go when its not too hot and humid!!! I want to start from LA and finish in New york renting a car for the whole duration (the price doesn't really matter). For the trip i'd like to spend about 4 weeks roadtripping America. I need help and advice as to where to stop along the way. We don't just want to take a straight route we don't mind going way of track to find bizzare things. We wana have a lot of fun, and also see sights like the hoover dam and the Grand Canyon.
    As for money, we'll defo all have a around £2500, but all together we'll have about $15,000. We've been on trips before where we've pooled money together and everythings worked out fine,(we each will have are own visa debit cards seperate from the pooled funds for anything we want to buy like Clothes ect)
    We'd deffinatley want to see a Rodeo, go to some theme parks (been to Disney, what other's are good?) water parks, see some wildlife, maybe go camping a few nights, see some crazy stuff, go to a shooting range, just generally have fun. Also have to go to Tennessee!!!!!!!!

    Your help would be much appreciated thanks a lot guys!!!!

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    Default Time for you to invest some time

    This is your second trip planning post, so you already know how to use the site. Now, is the time to spend a little of your time and figure out where you want to go and then we can help you fill in the gaps a bit.

    Here are some threads to get you started in your planning:

    Rental car insurance information

    Some rest stops on west to east routes

    Joey (Kinless) writes very nice road trip reports and you can find lots of ideas herein

    Las Vegas - Zion - Grand Staircase - Page - Monument Valley - Arches - Canyonlands

    Southern states ideas

    Tennessee Ideas

    Rodeo events happen throughout the summer months in just about every state in the west. Peter wrote about the Cody, Wyoming rodeo this week....

    And we are publishing an entire series of articles about a road trip that Peter Thody took earlier this year to the southern states -- look for those articles to commence in January.

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    thanks a lot Mark, ill do some research tonight and post back tomorrow,



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