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    Hi all, this is my first post on these forums so be gentle!

    Im 24, from the UK, and I am planning to come over to America late April 2007 to do some travelling. I have been researching the web but am still unsure on a few things and would appreciate some advice from others!

    So here’s the plan. Fly out from the UK to New York. Then from New York head to Chicago. Then make the trek to Yellowstone, with a stop at Mt Rushmore. From Yellowstone going to head to the Grand Canyon via the Rocky’s, then onto Vegas. From Vegas to LA, then up hwy 1 to San Francisco.

    I have given myself 4-5 weeks to do this. Really want to rent a car or something and drive the route, is this a viable option for that length of time? Not sure on rental prices in the US. What do you guys think of the route? Is 4-5 weeks a realistic time to get everything done, bearing in mind I was hoping to spend at least a few nights in the major cities.

    Also advice on driving times would be good. I have looked on Google maps for journey times and distances between places, but that doesn’t take into account how busy certain areas are etc.

    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum, where we try not to be too hard on anyone!

    I don't think your plan is unrealistic, but I don't know if you'll really be able to spend a few days at all the places you want to visit. As long as you pace yourself though, you shouldn't have that much difficulty seeing all the places you've listed over the course of a month.

    Your route seems basically fine, and you are right to assume that Google (and the other online maps) won't give you a very accurate times because of the inability to forecast traffic as well as necessary stops on a long distance trip. However it is quite good for figuring out mileages between places. A good rule of thumb for calculation is a total speed of 55 mph on the Interstates once you factor in those stops. You might be able to go a little faster in the wide open spaces of the west, and it will probably be a little slower around the cities in the east, and even slower if you are on 2 lane roads, but its a good place to start.

    Rental Car costs can vary pretty widely depending upon the dates and company. A few other travelers with plans similar to yours have listed their costs on the forum, and I believe a little over $2,000 the cheapest anyone has found for a month long one way cross country rental. However, I don't remember exactly. You might try searching the forum to find out what those others have said.

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    Check out the RoadTrip USA site. They offer routes for you to take and places of interest along the way.

    Sorry if it offends anyone that I post this other site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kcstockdale View Post
    Sorry if it offends anyone that I post this other site.
    Jamie Jensen (author and owner of the RoadTrip USA site) is a friend and a colleague -- but we do prefer that full URLs not be used on this site. My review of the 2nd edition of Jamie's classic road guide "RoadTrip USA" can be read here. There are a number of superb road trip guides -- look at this page for our personal recommendations about the best ones out there.


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    Thanks guys, all the info has been really helpful. Appreciate it!

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    If you go North of the border...let me know!
    I'll help with that route.

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