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    Default Colorado

    im planning a road trip from Washington DC to Colorado , i know is cold and icy but i can't wait to be in the Mountains and ski with my Dog , any one have ideas ???

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    Default its what you make of it

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You really need to provide more information if you want helpful advice. There are millions of possibilities, but deciding what would work best for your trip depends on things like when you are going, how much time you have, your budget, and of course the kinds of things you are interested in seeing and doing.

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    Well you right driving an amazing new truck 4x4 and yes is american made of curse , so anything, mountains, icy lakes , snow , cold , cabins , Tornados and SKI ,wild life is GREAT for me and my dog , i have 3 weeks up to 4,000.00 i never been in Colorado thats why im doing this road rip
    so this is the plan

    Washington DC to Charleston WV , Louisville KY, St Louise MO , Wichita KS and then Denver Colorado

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    Default A Few in Colorado

    On the way out be sure to make use of the many national and state parks near the Interstates for you to get some time off from behind the wheel and for your dog to get some exercise. Then once in Colorado, one of the highlights would be Rocky Mountain National Park. If you get the chance, take a drive on US-6 over Loveland Pass. I found the towns of Boulder and Breckenridge to be particularly dog/pedestrian friendly, but I'm sure there are others.


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    Default A skiing dog?

    Wow, EDG, take a camera, as the video of the skiing dog should make you enough money to cover the trip!

    Just kidding, and I hope no offense is implied or taken. It's Friday afternoon after a long week, and I couldn't resist. I do have a few hopefully useful comments on your thoughts and plans:

    You're going to love CO. For alpine scenery, it's tough to beat. But, you need to be prepared. While the CO DOT folks are world-class in terms of keeping the highways, particularly I-70, open, sometimes Mother Nature gets the upper hand. From time to time, segments of I-70 are closed for a few hours (several times each Winter) up to a full day (rarely). The closures are usually related to the pass traversed by the Eisenhower Tunnel (at some 11,000') and Vail Pass (no tunnel, but at 10,700'). That said, be sure to make yourself aware of what's ahead by keeping up with CO DOT by cellphone or, better yet, online, where there are many webcams showing real-time conditions at the CO passes and tunnel. You should also be sure to keep emergency food, water, and warmies for yourself and the dog. I'd keep the pickup fairly full of fuel, too, probably establishing 1/2 tank as my minimum supply and topping off before traversing very high country.

    By including the dog, I imagine you're largely into XC skiing. I am a downhiller myself, but am aware of nearly endless opportunities to XC ski in CO. A very popular XC area is Vail Pass, as there are always dozens of vehicles parked there while the owners are off XC skiing. One route from there goes generally south along uncleared roads (ie: gentle grades) to US 24 between I-70 and Tennessee Pass, which is just above Leadville. Near Tennessee Pass is Camp Hale, where the famed US Army 10th Mountain Division trained during WWII. They downhilled at what is now Ski Cooper, a funky resort atop Tennessee Pass. Veterans of the 10th returned to the US after the war and many were instrumental in establishing the recreational downhill ski industry in CO and UT. I believe there are lots of XC trails around Camp Hale.

    For enjoying the frozen lakes, see what's going on at Georgetown Lake. I believe there are still ice car and ice motorcycle races on the lake during winter.

    As to cabins, check out the various National Forest websites for CO units of the NF system. In Montana, there are a number of cabins available with XC ski-in access only. The cabins are generally referred to as "work crew cabins" inasmuch as their original design and intent was for USFS employees to overnight there as opposed to "to and from town" each and every day. The cabins are today kept stocked with Coleman stoves, cookware, utensils, and firewood (woodstoves heat the cabins). They usually rent for $15-20/night. I imagine some of the more remote CO NF units have similar cabins and also imagine they're available for rent on short notice, especially during the week.

    Take it easy with the truck. Having 4WD doesn't make you invunerable to trouble. Trust me on this one.

    Enjoy the planning and execution of your trip!


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    Dear Foy,

    Thank you for all the information. It is very helpful. I'll take your advice and recommendations. Appreciate you taking the time to help us out. Truck just got serviced, camera's packed, and we are ready to roll.

    Warm regards,

    EDG and Danna (the blog reading, cross-country skiing dog)

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    Default On The Road

    Wish me Luck guys im on the Road tomorrow morning . ill jeep u posted and pics on my profile


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    Default Colorado... FInally

    ok i made it and please check all the amazing pics i took cuz i had a lot fun taking them

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